• Scribd Partners With Apture To Include Rich Media Contextual Browsing Within Content

    We wrote about Apture Highlights, a new plug-in that brings instantaneous search to content on the web, a few months ago. Today, Apture has scored a pretty significant deal with document-sharing site Scribd to allow users to use Apture Highlights on the tens of millions of public documents on the content platform. As we wrote in August, ‘Apture Highlights’ plugs the… Read More

  • Scribd Posts A Public Apology To Vocal Critic, Then Takes It Back

    A few days ago Law professor Eric Goldman wrote a vehement blog post entitled, “Scribd Puts My Old Uploads Behind a Paywall and Goes Onto My Shitlist” denouncing the recently enacted paywalls around documents older than two months on the popular document sharing site. “[Scribd’s] value proposition always has been open access to the documents–freely shared… Read More

  • Scribd Redesign Is An Attempt To Become A "Social Network For Reading"

    Reading isn’t a particularly social activity, but talking about reading and sharing books, articles, and other documents is highly social. Book clubs are so popular because people identify with other people who share the same reading interests. Document-sharing site Scribd wants to become the place on the Web where a million reading clubs flourish . With a redesign rolling out later… Read More

  • Foursquare, Scribd, And Spotify To Be Dubbed 2011 Technology Pioneers At Davos

    The World Economic Forum has announced its list of 31 Technology Pioneers for 2011. The Technology Pioneers are its list of up-and-coming startups. Last year’s list included Twitter, Playfish, and Boston Power. The year before, Mint, Etsy, and Brightcove were named. Joining the pantheon this year are foursquare, Knewton, Layar, Scribd, and Spotify. However, greentech is equally strong… Read More

  • Judge Strikes Down CA's Prop 8, Leaked Ruling Sends Scribd Traffic Skyrocketing

    Minutes ago, San Francisco federal judge Vaughn Walker struck down the infamous Proposition 8, a measure that banned same-sex marriage in California. Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with the news (as you’d expect), but one other site is also seeing an immense amount of traffic from it: document sharing hub Scribd. The final ruling was uploaded to Scribd by Good As You and received over… Read More

  • Scribd's Decision To Dump Flash Pays Off, User Engagement Triples

    Scribd's Decision To Dump Flash Pays Off, User Engagement Triples

    You could call it the perfect storm. Over the last few months, user engagement on Scribd has surged, according to CEO Trip Adler, thanks to its transition to HTML5, the introduction of the iPad, and Scribd’s Facebook integration. Of these three factors, Adler says the conversion from Flash to HTML5 was by far the greatest driver for his document sharing company. According to… Read More

  • Scribd Ramps Up Migration To HTML5; Scores Partnerships With Forbes Media And Others

    We reported recently that online document sharing site Scribd will start to ditch Flash across its tens of millions of uploaded documents and convert them all to native HTML5 Web pages, another win for Apple in its battle against Flash. Today, at TechCrunch Disrupt, Scribd CEO and co-founder Jared Friedman, is announcing that the startup has moved much of its content, including tens of millions… Read More

  • Scribd CTO: "We Are Scrapping Flash And Betting The Company On HTML5" (Exclusive Screenshots)

    Adobe’s much-beleaguered Flash is about to take another hit and online documents are finally going to join the Web on a more equal footing. Today, most documents (PDFs, Word docs, Powerpoint slides) can mostly be viewed only as boxed off curiosities in a Flash player, not as full Web pages. Tomorrow, online document sharing site Scribd will start to ditch Flash across its tens of… Read More

  • Scribd Turns Three, Gets A New Look And Logo

    Document-sharing site Scribd launched three years ago with the idea of making PDFs and other text-documents more Web-friendly. Now three years later, the site stores more than 10 million documents, which in turn have been embedded more than 10 million times across the Web. Scribd says it reaches more than 50 million people a month worldwide (Quantcast). To celebrate its birthday, Scribd… Read More

  • Scribd Inks Distribution Deal With Indie Book Publisher Author Solutions

    Independent book publisher Author Solutions today announced a distribution deal with social publishing startup Scribd. Under the terms of said agreement, all new ASI titles published through the AuthorHouse, iUniverse, Trafford Publishing, and Xlibris will be made available for purchase through the Scribd website. In addition, a portion of its backlist of more than 120,000 titles will be put… Read More

  • Yammer Founder David Sacks Joins Scribd Board Of Directors

    Scribd, a site that lets users and publishers upload and share documents, has a new board member. David Sacks, the founder of Geni and Yammer (and former COO of PayPal), joins the company as a director as of today. Scribd had 8.1 million unique worldwide visitors in November 2009 (Comscore). They’ve raised $12.8 million in three funding rounds. Sacks is already an investor in the company. Read More

  • Issuu Mobile Makes Reading Books And Magazines Easier On Android

    What is the best reading experience on a touchscreen device? As magazines and tablet-makers grapple with this question for larger form factors, Issuu has an answer for touchscreen phones. The Web-based document-viewer just released Issue Mobile for Android phones, and is working on an iPhone app. Issuu Mobile is a mobile document reader which gives you access all the magazines, books… Read More

  • Ebooks For Dummies: Wiley Joins 150 Publishers In The Scribd Store

    Book publishers are increasingly embracing digital books, and not just on Amazon’s Kindle.  Today, John Wiley and Sons, Barnes and Noble imprint Sterling Publishing, Chronicle Books, and the University of Chicago Press announced they will join a total of 150 publishers to offer ebooks in the Scribd Store.  Wiley is the venerable publisher of the For Dummies series of books as well… Read More

  • Scribd Important Stuff List Revealed (Humor)

    “Scribd doing 43M revenue this year??” was the subject line of an email sent to me last week, along with a link to this photo, taken in Scribd’s San Francisco offices, showing a list of “important stuff” on a whiteboard. Our tipster must not have read the whole list, though, because I was immediately suspicious. The items on the list, as best I can read… Read More

  • Hey, What Happened To Scribd? Traffic Down Over 48% Since June

    Scribd, the so-called ‘YouTube for documents’ that’s recently also become an Ebook store, has been seeing a major drop in traffic over the last two months. Since June, the site has lost over 48% of its global traffic, falling from a peak of 58.3 million monthly visitors to 30.1 million less than two months later. These aren’t fuzzy stats, either— Scribd is… Read More

  • Issuu Debuts API, Goes After Docstoc And Scribd Once More

    Issuu, the Danish startup battling the likes of Docstoc and Scribd in the professional document publication and sharing space, is today introducing a REST-based API that enables its users to automatically upload and manage publications, bookmarks, and folders under their accounts. That means developers and designers can henceforth tap into the Issuu platform and services to equip their own… Read More

  • Scribd Streamlines Embedded Docs With iPaper 2

    Scribd, the popular document sharing service that’s recently made moves into the Ebook market, has just launched the latest version of iPaper, the site’s online document viewer. Scribd originally debuted iPaper in February 2008, after deciding that the existing Flash Paper viewer developed by Adobe didn’t perform well enough or offer enough features to keep up with the… Read More

  • WatchDox Lets You Track And Control Document Sharing (Beta Invites)

    Sharing confidential documents within a business or between businesses can be risky—you never know who might leak a document or if your document is being shared with other employees. To solve this problem, startup Confidela has launched the beta of WatchDox, a SaaS product that allows a sender to control, restrict and track viewing, printing and forwarding of documents. We have 100 free… Read More

  • DocStoc Launches Document Collections

    Popular document sharing service DocStoc just launched a collections feature, which lets users package documents around a particular topic. DocStoc has already created close to 50 collections, including “Starting a Small Business,” “Advertising Online,” and “Traveling on a Budget,” and is opening up the platform to users to add to existing collections and… Read More

  • Issuu Adds New Features In the Race to Catch Up To Scribd

    Issuu, a company that lets you upload a PDF or other document and then flip through it easily on a dedicated Webpage or in a small embedded widget, is adding features to its service and site with the aim of becoming a more engaging destination for users. We’re big fans of Issuu—when the company first launched, it was one of the first services of its kind whose interface and… Read More