TechStars Grad Distil.It Lands $1.8M To Help Your Business Put A Stop To Bots, Web Scraping & Content Theft, a cloud-based platform that aims to help businesses quash web scraping and other nefarious web-born fraud, announced today that it has landed $1.8 million in seed financing. Investors in th

Craigslist Now Wants Your Postings Under ‘Exclusive’ Terms: Padmapper Fallout Continues

Another development in the ongoing Craigslist data scraping story: Craigslist has added in a new proviso for those posting ads, telling them that Craigslist now becomes the "exclusive licensee" of the

PadMapper’s Not The Only One With Legal Heat From Craigslist: Others Getting C&D’s, Too [Updated]

Earlier today, news broke that Craigslist has taken legal action against PadMapper and Craigslist API creator 3Taps -- after an ongoing disagreement over the scraping of Craigslist data to use in a th