• Wordscraper Hurts My Eyes

    Yesterday, one day after taking down Scrabuluos in the U.S. and Canada in response to a lawsuit from Hasbro, the Indian brothers behind Scrabulous, Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, released a brand new crossword-like game on Facebook called Wordscraper. The brothers have obviously been preparing this countermove for a long time. Wordscraper is designed to get around any of the intellectual… Read More

  • Endgame: Scrabulous Gets Wiped Off Facebook

    Long outplayed by two Indian brothers, Hasbro finally delivers a massive counter blow to Scrabulous, one of the most loved games on Facebook. Scrabulous fans in North America will see the following message when they try to play the game: Scrabulous is disabled for U.S. and Canadian users until further notice. If you would like to stay informed about developments in this matter, please… Read More

  • Scrabble is suing Scrabulous for using too many letters…and that whole Facebook thing

    Scrabulous, which has been around for a few years, rocketed in popularity when developers made an application for Facebook. And that caught the eye of Scrabble makers, Hasbro, which recently released their own official version. And then sued Scrabulous. Now, I hate Scrabble as much as the next guy, but this is pretty low even for them. In essence, they let Scrabulous work the game back into… Read More

  • Official Facebook Version of Scrabble Spells Doubt For Scrabulous

    Facebook now has vaporware. After a lot of huffing and puffing at the beginning of the year, Hasbro and Electronic Arts are finally getting ready to unveil their official version of Scrabble on Facebook. Today, they announced that the Facebook app EA has been working on for more than six months will be launched later this month, although a version on Pogo (EA’s online casual gaming… Read More

  • MySpace to open up Facebook-like API next week

    [photopress:myspace.jpg,full,center] Facebook is getting huge. Like, jumbo. And MySpace is losing users to it. Sure, most people on Facebook keep their MySpace profile, but that could change, just like it did with Friendster before it got lame. Part of the popularity of Facebook is due to the genius idea of opening up an API, allowing people to make small in-Website applications, like… Read More

  • As Tonight's Deadline For Scrabulous Shutdown (Or Sale) Looms, Zynga Might Be Next.

    The saga of Scrabulous is nearing an end. The Facebook version of Scrabble raised the ire of Hasbro and Mattel, which jointly own the rights to the game abroad and in the U.S., respectively. They have already asked Facebook to pull Scrabulous, one of the most popular apps on the social networking site. So why is Scrabulous still up on Facebook? A flurry of behind the scenes deal-making has… Read More

  • Hasbro Tries To Shut Down Scrabulous

    “Is Hasbro just a stupid Potato Head? Or is this a brilliant game of Stratego?” That’s the big question Fortune’s Josh Quittner (my former boss) asks as he reports that Hasbro, the toy company that owns Scrabble, is trying to shut down Scrabulous,
    one of the most popular Facebook apps. Scrabulous lets you play an online version of Scrabble with your Facebook friends. … Read More