• Ooma to Land Tomorrow: Peer-to-Peer VoIP in a Pretty Package

    While we’re spending our time pushing our Destroy Your Landline Contest, wherein you the readers are implored to destroy your traditional landline phones, something comes up that makes us want to perhaps hold on to ours. Ooma is a new Vonage-like VoIP service that tweaks the formula just enough to perhaps survive where companies like SunRocket have failed. The VoIP ideal has been around… Read More

  • Hey, You Three! Disney Mobile Is Rolling Out New Features!

    Good news for the few Disney Mobile subscribers out there. Looks like you’ll be getting some new features later this year. Some sound pretty useful actually, like a unique calendaring service that will allow parents to keep a web-based calendar that can push event alerts to family phones via SMS. Another service called Scout will also be debuting this year on Disney Mobile. Scout will… Read More