• It's Official: Lithium Technologies Acquires Brand Monitoring Platform Scout Labs

    We scooped this news last week but it’s official. Brand tracking application Scout Labs has been acquired by social CRM company Lithium Technologies, according to a blog post on Scout Labs’ site. We initially reported the acquisition price to be in the $20 million – $25 million range, in a stock and cash transaction. We first covered Scout Labs in late 2007 when it was still… Read More

  • Lithium Technologies Picks Up Scout Labs For $20+ Million

    Scout Labs, a startup that lets brand owners track what’s being said about them on new and social sites, has been acquired by Lithium Technologies in a stock and cash transaction, we’ve confirmed from multiple sources. We believe the purchase price is $20 million – $25 million. We first covered Scout Labs, which was created in the Minor Ventures incubator, in late 2007 when… Read More

  • Scout Labs Rolls Out Powerful New Version Of Brand Tracker

    Scout Labs, a SaaS dashboard that makes it easy to keep track of what people across the internet are saying about particular topics or brands, is releasing a new version of its realtime, user-friendly dashboard. Scout Labs has added several new collaboration features such as new ticketing and assignments notifications. So a user could see an important Tweet and assign and send the mention… Read More

  • Buzzstream Improves Social CRM And Monitoring Tool For Marketers And PR Reps

    It has become increasingly important for marketers and PR folks to keep a pulse on the conversation surrounding brands on the web while also maintaining relationships with writers, bloggers and other influencers who are starting these conversations. There has been an emergence of “social CRMs” that help brand marketers and PR reps follow the buzz on the web. TechCrunch… Read More

  • Scout Labs Now Features A Real-Time Focus Group

    Scout Labs, a SaaS dashboard that makes it easy to keep track of what people across the internet are saying about particular topics or brands, has added a new focus group-like feature that is worth a look. The product, which we first reviewed in December 2007 while still in private beta, now includes a “Quotes” section which pulls in real-time quotes from people who are chattering… Read More

  • It's Time To Start Thinking Of Twitter As A Search Engine

    At a dinner tonight with a friend the conversation turned to Twitter. He just didn’t get it, and he’s certainly not the first person to tell me that. Specifically, my friend didn’t understand the massive valuation ($250 million or more) that Twitter won in its recent funding. I told him why I thought it was more than justified: Twitter is, more than anything, a search… Read More

  • Twitter Trends: Twist

    The popularity of Google Trends, which lets users compare the relative popularity of words and phrases based on the quantity of search queries on Google over time, is starting to spawn similar services based on different data sets. Facebook now has Lexicon (launched April 15), which shows trends based on Wall posts. Twitter doesn’t have an official in house trends product of their own… Read More