Scott Kelly

Medium acquires Knowable to bring audio to the platform

Medium announced today its third and final acquisition of the year: Knowable, an audio-based learning platform featuring podcast-like courses from experts like Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, NASA a

Twin astronaut study suggests interplanetary travel may not be a health risk

The human body "remains robust and resilient" after almost a year in space, according to a long-term, multi-institutional study of twins, one of whom lived aboard the International Space Station for 3

Astronaut Scott Kelly will retire from NASA next month

After his nearly year-long mission on the International Space Station (ISS) and 20 years of service with NASA, Astronaut Scott Kelly will retire from the agency, effective April 1st. “This year-in-s

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly breaks American spaceflight record

When former International Space Station Commander Scott Kelly steps out of a Soyuz descent module on the Kazakhstan steppe at around 8.30PM PST later today, after 340 days on the International Space S