Scott Jones

  • Why Net Neutrality Needs to Be Extended to Mobile Platforms

    Editor’s note: This guest post is an open letter from Scott Jones, founder and CEO of ChaCha on why the recent “T-Mobile Text Tax” is now a Net Neutrality issue. While the Federal Communications Commission fiddles with the issue of Net Neutrality, and by extension mobile broadband regulation, Rome has begun to burn. While the fires now are relatively small, they threaten… Read More

  • ChaCha Co-Founder Brad Bostic Steps Down As President

    This one slipped through the cracks, but apparently Brad Bostic, who co-founded mobile Q&A answer service ChaCha together with current CEO Scott Jones back in 2006, has stepped down as President of the company and will not be replaced. In an interview with the Indianapolis Business Journal, Bostic stresses that he will stay involved with the company as an advisor and strategist, saying… Read More