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Intuit Founder Scott Cook: Mint Is Roughly 4X Bigger Than It Was Pre-Acquisition

Scott Cook started Intuit in 1983, and since then he and the company have overcome quite a few obstacles. He watched as mobile became a dominant channel in people's lives, found ways to penetrate emer

Instagram And Intuit Founders Discuss Lean Startups, Pivots, And What Makes A Product Successful

Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, Founder of Intuit Scott Cook, writer and former CTO at IMVU Eric Ries, and Instagram Co-founder Kevin Systrom gathered to discuss concepts from Ries' new book, <a href="ht

Cook And Patzer On Intuit's Growth, The Payment Graph, And Product Focus

<img src=""/> Last night I caught up with Intuit founder Scott Cook and Aaron Patzer, the founder of Mint who know runs Intuit's personal fina

Intuit, GE Executives Trade Notes On Innovation And Acquisitions

<img src="" alt="" title="cook-comstock" width="300" height="185" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-224728" /></img> Speaki

Intuit's Scott Cook And GE's Beth Comstock To Explore Cultures Of Innovation At Disrupt SF

<img src=""> Disruption happens. If you are a startup, you try to be the disruptor. But what if you are an established company with billi