• Following Pivot To Celebrity Tracking Site, Twitter Cuts Off Scoopler's Firehose Access

    A couple days ago, we noted that real time search engine Scoopler was pivoting away from that product and transforming into JustSpotted, a celebrity tracking site. A key to this new service is the use of Twitter data (alongside Foursquare and Facebook data) to track where celebrities are around the world in real time. The plan was for JustSpotted to use their Scoopler technology alongside… Read More

  • Celebrity Geo-Stalking In Real-Time. Finally. JustSpotted Launches Next Week

    In the age of location updates, status updates, and tweets, it’s a wonder that more people aren’t out there stalking celebrities. I mean, people were doing that long before any of these services existed, and these new tools make it significantly easier. And now comes another new tool to make celebrity real time tracking even easier: JustSpotted. Obviously, they’re not… Read More

  • Twitter Turns On The Firehose For Realtime Search Startups

    When it comes to getting access to all the data that flows through Twitter, there are the 50,000 apps that drink from Twitter’s Streaming API, which is subject to various limits. And then there are the chosen few who get the full unlimited firehose of data, the more than 50 million Tweets a day coursing through Twitter. In the past, only select partners, particularly big search engines… Read More

  • Scoopler Digs Up Some Funding, New Features

    Realtime, realtime, realtime — it’s all you seem to hear now with regard to the web. But back in May, it was just emerging as a new trend that looked poised to explode. And one company at the forefront of that was Scoopler, a Y Combinator-backed realtime search engine. Today, being ahead of the curve has paid off, as the service has just raised a seed round of funding from some… Read More

  • As Other Real-Time Search Engines Fizzle, OneRiot Gets Some Early Traction

    While there have been many real-time search engine launches over the past few months (Scoopler, Topsy, Collecta, CrowdEye), most of them so far have fizzled (see Google Website Trends chart above). After an initial burst of curiosity, interest tends to dive. One exception, however, is OneRiot, which appears to be gaining some early traction in the real-time search race. This race has just… Read More

  • The Real Time Search Dilemma: Consciousness Versus Memory

    One of the hottest areas of search right now is real time search, which attempts to find results based on what is happening right now. Twitter’s search engine fast becoming one of the key ways to navigate the service and discover what people are thinking about any subject at any given moment. Facebook is testing out ways to let you search your personal stream. Google is waking up to… Read More

  • Real-Time Search-Off

    Today saw the launch of two new real-time search engines, from OneRiot and Tweetmeme. While the two are slightly different in ways that I went into earlier, all that really matters are the results you get. So I put those two to the test along with Twitter Search, Google Search, FriendFeed and the recently launched Scoopler. To see which would give the best results based on a current event. One… Read More

  • Twitter Is Talking Real-Time Link Search, But OneRiot Is Launching It Today

    There was a lot of buzz last week upon the announcement that Twitter would soon expand its search offering to crawl links tweeted out on top of the tweets themselves. The ramifications of such a move are potentially large, as it would seem to be a way for Twitter to serve up a tailored, real-time view of what’s hot around the web. Who knows how long it will take Twitter to actually do… Read More

  • Search Goes Real-Time With Scoopler. Twitter Dominates Results.

    There’s a new trend that starting to sweep the web: Real-time. Everyone wants access to information as it happens instantaneously. FriendFeed recently went real-time and now Facebook is starting to embrace it. But those are just two services — what if you could search all the web in real-time? That’s the idea behind Scoopler. Scoopler is a search engine created by AJ Asver… Read More