Google Glass Isn’t Coming To Best Buy Next Year, And It Won’t Cost $299

Even though Google Glass is out in the wild and on the heads of around 10,000 people, there are still plenty of questions about it. For a long time now, we've heard that Glass would retail for $299. A

We’ve Heard A Similar Reaction To Google Glass Somewhere Before

Google Glass is finding its way to developers and othersĀ and the reaction has been, well, predictable. So far, there are those who think that Glass will absolutely change the world, that it’s o

Robert Scoble Talks Startups And The Changing Face Of SXSW [TCTV]

Earlier this week, TechCrunch TV hosted a <a href="">live show</a> from the floor of

Video: Scoble Tells the Comment Trolls To Go Back to Digg

You don't know what you're talking about, Scoble

I try not to step on anyone’s toes in the gadget blogosphere, but I cannot sit idle after reading Scoble’s “Dear Jeff Bezos” post and the big boss man’s video review. I a

Scoble not too hot on Android

Not too long after Google’s announcement of $10-million worth of prize money to Android application developers, Robert Scoble has weighed in with a few reasons (seven) why he’s not too kee

Robert Scoble: Live Video-Blogging and First in Line for iPhone If you’re waiting in line for iPhone and you&#8217