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Engaging kids in design-based learning

While most kids their age are glued to various digital devices, often wasting hours playing mindless games or watching cat videos, 164 fourth and fifth graders, along with eight elementary school teac

How international students are keeping US colleges afloat and powering the tech industry

Think back on your college experience and you may recall the presence of an on-campus residence set aside for international students. The fact that there was likely only one house for all the students

Happy Atoms launches to teach kids about the wonders of molecules

While I absolutely despise most STEM toys I’m going to give Happy Atoms a pass simply because it is aimed at educators and not for the home market. Created by chemistry set maker Thames & Ko

Women in tech: What’s the real problem?

In my 20-plus years in tech, and now in Silicon Valley as part of a tech foundation that supports innovations, I’ve had the opportunity to partner with many entrepreneurs and help foster the growth

Engineers bridge the divide between technology and society

One of the many reasons women are under represented in “tech-sector” engineering disciplines such as software, mechanical, electrical, computer and mechatronics engineering is because we’ve done

#CSForAll: Ensuring tech access for all students

On the heels of the White House Computer Science For All initiative (#CSForAll) announcement and the celebration of National Engineers Week, we are excited about the work being done to make STEM op

Let’s actually make America great again

As the Internet and global commerce speed the flow of information, and as products and services for American consumers can be built in and delivered from just about any country in the world, there are