• Redesigned, cheaper PS2 due out in 2008?

    The PlayStation 2 is no doubt one of the most successful consoles in video game history. After recently celebrating its 7th birthday, the PS2 will now undergo yet another redesign in an effort to build-in the system’s power supply and continually trim the overall design down. In addition to a new design, the new PS2 is expected to take a price cut down to $99, making the system affordable… Read More

  • Sony Starts Official Playstation Blog, World Keeps Spinning

    “We’ve been waiting” No, we haven’t. Sony just started a Playstation blog which is managed and written by executives at SCEA. This new website will apparently give insight into the minds of Sony execs which was never before possible. Of course, there are absolutely no other websites devoted to the Playstation or Sony. This leaves us wondering whether the people at… Read More

  • Sony and Nintendo React to Layoff Numbers

    Last week we reported that both Sony Computer Entertainment America and Nintendo of America were saying GAME OVER to a few employees. In the case of Sony the staff reductions are part of a global restructuring, and over at Nintendo it seemed that a portion of the staff wasn’t so interested in being relocated from their Seattle digs. Today we’re hearing word that the numbers were a… Read More

  • Don't Count On A PS3 Price Cut Anytime Soon

    With the PS3 being the most expensive console out there right now, consumers are probably holding out for a price cut of some sort to make that $600 investment a little more manageable. Hopefully they’re not holding their breath though. SCEA CEO Jack Tretton gives a big, fat “NO.” to those asking if the PS3’s price will drop as quickly as the PS2’s. Apparently… Read More

  • Sony Gets New President

    Sony Computer Entertainment of America head Kaz Hirai will be replacing Ken Kutaragi as president of Sony Computer Entertainment. Kutaragi has been promoted to become chairmen of SCE and Jack Tretton, executive vice president of SCEA, will be taking Hirai’s place. Kutaragi will continue to oversee the entire SCE Group as chief executive officer, and will fully exercise his power to… Read More