• Testing Two iPhone Scanning Apps

    In the course of researching a book, I’ve been using my iPhone as sort of a “record keeping” device for a while now, uploading items to Evernote and, more frequently, storing images of text for later perusal. What I would love, though, is a real OCR app. I’ve tried a few of the simpler OCR apps available on the iTunes store but I was recently introduced to SayWhat… Read More

  • Google Books may steal the very thing that makes the French French

    President Sarkozy is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore. His beef? Moteur de recherche Google is stealing his precious cultural heritage by scanning in books. Another point? France is trying their own hand at book scanning and is planning on investing billions of Euros into the effort. Google coming along and doing it for essentially free may be the cause of his… Read More