Abbyy looks to RPA to breathe new life into scanning and workflow

Abbyy has been around for a long time helping companies with scanning and workflow tools, but like many older vendors it has been looking for ways to extend its traditional business model. One way to

The post office will now email you photos of your mail before it’s delivered

Informed Delivery is a service from the United States Postal Service that scans the outside of your mail and shows you the images each morning before the mail is actually delivered. While you still wo

Matter And Form’s 3D Scanner Is Inexpensive And Promising

At $600, the Matter and Form 3D Scanner is probably the cheapest 3D laser scanner on the market. While the system does require some tweaking to get great scans, I was quite pleased with the scanning r

Tokyo-Based Artist Arrested For 3D Printing Her Vagina

A 42-year-old artist named Megumi Igarashi has been arrested in Tokyo for transmitting 3D models of her vagina which, under Japanese obscenity laws, is considered illegal. She sent the files via email

Make A Little You With

<a target="_blank" href="">Artec</a>, makers of high-end 3D scanners for industrial clients, have added a little whimsy to your day with <a target="_blank" href="https://www.shap

3D Model Sharing Service Sketchfab Raises $2 Million

As 3D modeling enters the mainstream, it helps to have a place to put them. That's where <a target="_blank" href="">Sketchf

What Makes A City A City? New Visual System Identifies City Characteristics

If you've been to cities and you've had enough, have you been to Paris, France? Paris is defined by a few magical characteristics - the street signs, the architecture, the street features - and a new

OfficeDrop Now Lets You Scan Documents To Social Networks — And The Cloud

Last April, <a href="">OfficeDrop raised $1 million</a> in angel funding for its online solution

Pushpins Launches SimpleUPC: Product Information-As-A-Service

Pushpins, Inc., the makers of <a href="">a mobile app</a> for saving on groceries, have launched a new service called <a href="">SimpleUPC</a> targe

Video: A Look At High-Res 3D Laser Scanning With Makerbot’s Bre Pettis

In the olden days, when you wanted a bust made, you hired some fancy sculptor to come to your house and sit with you for hours a day until, months later, you had a handsome marble or ceramic bust. Now

Testing Two iPhone Scanning Apps

In the course of researching a book, I’ve been using my iPhone as sort of a “record keeping” device for a while now, uploading items to Evernote and, more frequently, storing images

Google Books may steal the very thing that makes the French French

President Sarkozy is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore. His beef? Moteur de recherche Google is stealing his precious cultural heritage by scanning in books. Another point? France i