A digitizing David takes on photo-scanning Goliath

Mitch Goldstone loves photo scanning. His business, ScanMyPhotos, does what it says on the tin: you send photos to the company and, using high speed scanners and special software, his team digitizes y

Wolfprint 3D raises $500K to bring scanning pods to an airport near you

3D body scanning isn’t very exciting right now – you can’t really use your scan anywhere except maybe on Thingiverse where people can print you out and create a shrine to you (hint

Rendor Turns Your Single-Camera Smartphone Into A Real 3D Scanner

Using a piece of paper with a specially printed grid and a regular smartphone, Rendor may have just cracked the 3D scanning code. The system allows you to create a 3D scan of almost any object simply

Hands On With The Brooklyn-Made Makerbot Digitizer

The <a href="">Makerbot</a> <a target="_blank" href="">Digitizer</a> looked too good to be true. It was a solid, compact

HP Releases A Faux 3D Scanner For The Masses

First off, this isn't what you're thinking: this scanner doesn't actually allow you to scan objects in 3D but it allows you to scan physical objects. Think of it as a larger camera. That said, the HP

NEC Develops First Contactless Fingerprint-Finger Vein Combo Scanner

<img src="" /> <a href="">NEC</a> today announced it has developed the industry's first contact-less b

Robots To Flip Through And Scan 170 Page-Books in 1 Minute

<img src="" /> Scanning or copying books will get a lot more comfortable in the future, thanks to the <a href="http://www.k2.t.u-

Canon's imageFORMULA P-150M portably scans documents into your Mac, no lie

<img src="" />Does your Mac need a new scanner? (I think I've had the same scanner for like 10 years. The Mac driver is still for PPC p

Evernote coming to Canon scanners

<img src="" />The <a href="">Evernote</a> news just doesn't stop, does it? Hot on the

Review: Doxie document scanner

<img src="" />This is a great scanner for occasional scanning of single pages. It doesn't have an auto document feeder, so you're not g

If you're going to scan, scan right with the CanoScan 9000F

<img src="" />Let's be honest: scanning has become a necessary evil. But as long as you're doing what has to be done, you may as w

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 hits the streets: An impressively powerful portable scanner

<img src="">Sure, I know what you're thinking: scanners are a bit boring. But Fujitsu hopes to tempt you with some of its

iConvert Photo Scanner promises simple 4×6 snapshot archiving

<img src="">You don’t really have to start in on your New Year’s resolutions until Monday. Friday was pretty much a gimme and now

Full body scanners at airports reveal your junk

<img src="" />Full-body scanners are being tested in a variety of airports. I didn't get the pleasure of using one on <a href="ht

Did you know that your iPhone is also a document scanner?

<img src="" />Oh, look, a legitimately clever use of the iPhone, and one that's not hard at all to replicate at home. Essentially, you

CrunchDeals: USB photo converter for $50

<img src="" alt="210980561_003" />If you're thinking of scanning all your old photos using a traditional flatbed scanner, let me b

Pandigital has itself a portable scanner, for photos!

This is a scanner produced by someone by the name of Pandigital. It’s called the PhotoLink Handheld Scanner. It’s portable! Right, so it’s a portable scanner with a max resolution of

Handheld barcode scanner/printer combo from HP

I’m not one to get overly excited about the technology behind transportation logistics (or am I?) but this thing from HP looks pretty cool. It’s basically a handheld wireless-enabled barcode scann

Slides 2 PC, the $100 slide scanner

If you have old folks sitting quietly at home, get them this and give them something to do. Slide scanning – along with vinyl record conversion – is one of those things that our elders wou

Document scanner for your iPhone (or any phone)

I hate scanners. Hate ‘em. They’re slow, noisy, and they take up too much space. Here’s a departure from the traditional scanner that aims to truly offer no-bullshit document archival. It’s si
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