Wegmans discontinues its in-store scan-and-go mobile app, citing high losses

Wegmans, the popular supermarket chain, will kill off its in-store scan-and-go app this Sunday, September 18, 2022. The company informed customers of the news in an email yesterday, stating that it ex

Bitly makes first acquisition with QR code leader Egoditor

The acquisition is in line with Bitly’s goal of becoming a global SaaS company that enables organizations to engage with customers and for people to connect with digital experiences.

Crunch Report | SoftBank to invest in Uber or Lyft

Softbank wants to invest in either Uber or Lyft, iPhone 8 might scan your face and QR codes come to Venmo and Faraday Future is getting a factory in Hanford, California. All this on Crunch Report!

Adobe Scan turns your documents, receipts & more into editable PDFs

Adobe today is launching a new mobile app that makes it easier to convert paper documents and other things into digital, editable PDF files. While there’s no shortage of scan-to-PDF apps on the

Consumer Physics, creators of the SCiO molecular scanner, respond to Kickstarter claims

Like most small products with a cult following, SCiO has its fans and detractors. Those detractors took to the Internet recently to complain that the handheld molecular scanner, which raised $2.5 mill

SCiO, the pocket-sized molecular analyzer, is making everyone angry

We were all pretty excited when Consumer Physics showed us their hand-held molecular scanner at TechCrunch Disrupt two years ago. They garnered much praise here and all over the web for creating a han

Snapchat has a secret team possibly building a pair of smart glasses

Snapchat has been known for some bold (and perplexing) moves in regards to content features, attempting to revamp event marketing through Stories, redefine journalism through Discover and rethink the

The “Shark Tank” Effect On Apps

Sitting at the top of the iTunes App Store for the fourth day in a row and counting is Scholly, another one of the many mobile applications that found its way onto the national stage by way of ABC&#82

Scan Makes A QR Identity Play

Scan, a company that’s trying to link physical businesses to users with the use of QR codes, is stepping into the identity and payments space.

Scan Gets $7M From Entree Via AngelList To Turn The Lowly QR Code Into A ‘Scan To Pay’ Gateway

Scan has raised $7 million from Entree and existing investors, including Menlo Ventures in its Series A round. It’s also announcing its new Scan to Pay service, which allows people to purchase i

Remember QR Codes? The Leading Reader, Scan, Has Been Downloaded 25 Million Times, Scans 27 Million Codes A Month

Something there is that doesn't love a QR code, but that hasn't stopped leading QR code scanner makers Scan from serving up 25 million copies of their software. The company, which currently processes

With 12M+ Downloads, Scan Launches Scan-to-gram, A New Way To Follow People On Instagram

Three guys from Provo, Utah set out on a mission to make QR codes, those boring pixellated, black-and-white squares come alive -- in other words, to extend their functionality by turning them into rea

Scan Gets $1.7M From Google Ventures And Shervin Pishevar’s Menlo Talent Fund To Make QR Codes Actually Useful

The most impressive thing about <a href="">Scan</a> is that it, as a humble QR code app, has raised over $1.7 million in seed funding from, wait for it, <a href="http://www.crunchbas