Chrome adds new security features to stop mobile subscription scams

Google today announced that Chrome will soon get a new feature that aims to stop mobile subscription scams. Those are the kind of sites that ask you for your phone number and that then, unbeknownst to

Sneaky subscriptions are plaguing the App Store

Subscriptions have turned into a booming business for app developers, accounting for $10.6 billion in consumer spend on the App Store in 2017, and are poised to grow to $75.7 billion by 2022. But alon

Facebook hit with defamation lawsuit over fake ads

In an interesting twist, Facebook is being sued in the UK for defamation by consumer advice personality, Martin Lewis, who says hisĀ face and name have been repeatedly used on fake adverts distributed

Twitter is suspending some users who solicit crypto

Twitter is taking some steps to combat cryptocurrency scammers on its platform. But these are best classified as ‘baby steps’ at this point. The company does not currently have a specific

Crooks launder money using real (and fake) Amazon ebooks

In a fascinating post, Brian Krebs and a group of security researchers have found a method for laundering money through expensive ebooks. It started when author Patrick Reames received an Amazon tax f

6 red flags of an ICO scam

With exponential growth in public interest, esoteric terminology and a lax regulatory framework, it is no surprise that some ICOs have been used to fund scams and cheat investors of their money. While

Regular Facebook Users Are More Likely To Fall For Phishing Scams

Researchers at SUNY Buffalo have found that habitual Facebook users -- those who are on the site more frequently than their peers -- were more susceptible to phishing scams. How did they figure this o

Hackers Target Silk Road Auction Participants In Scam

The folks at Coindesk are reporting a fascinating phishing attack on leaked list of auction participants for the Silk Road bitcoins. The list, which appeared after a member of the US Marshals failed t

YourFreeProxy Is Caught Installing A Toolbar That Mines Bitcoin On The Sly

Today in "Things Your Tech Service Shouldn't Do" we present YourFreeProxy from Mutual Public AKA We Build Toolbars, LLC. The company, which offers proxy servers for routing around firewalls and censor

Scam iOS Maker Of The Day: Installous

A kind reader woke us up this morning with a missive that made my blood boil: another scam iOS maker was, in an insult to the great Mojang itself, selling a scam version of Minecraft. The company, <a

Halo 4 iOS Scam Apps Look To Lure Unsuspecting iPhone And iPad Owners Over Holiday Freeze [Update: The Apps Have Been Removed]

<strong>Update:</strong> Apple has removed the offending apps, the company told me via email. Holiday downloaders are now safe from this attempted scam. A couple of new apps that just hit the iOS A

Sock Puppet Spectacular: Are Online Reviews Completely Worthless, Or Only Mostly Worthless?

<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-642009"><img src="" alt="" title="sock-pu

To Catch A Scammer: One Man’s Mission To Shut Down An Invoice Scam

It's rare to see a scam play out in real time and to watch a potential victim turn the tables on the offender. After receiving an invoice from an unknown company for services he did not pay for, Ken f

Seriously? This Scam Is Still Happening On Ebay?

I’ve always considered eBay a haven for flim-flam artists, con-men, and fools but this takes the cake. The old scam – basically a fine-print ruse where you’re actually selling a link

That's what you get when you click random links: Facebook scam promises nude photos of Paramore's Hayley Williams

<img src="" />Matt invited us to a <a HREF="">Facebook</a> party last week, something alon

Hackers cost U.S. businesses $25 million in phishing-related scams in 2009

<img src="" />From now on, any story about "hackers" or "hacking" will be accompanied by a link to the song "Halcyon And On And On," as

You don't fall for the wallet inspector gimmick, so why fall for its online equivalent?

<img src="" />I think I'm getting to the point that, instead of feeling bad for people who fall victim to phishing scheme, or any other o

Video Professor Tries To Bully Washington Post, Fails

<img src="" width="215" height="181" /><a href="">Video Professor</a> continues to be angry that I

Something about Web scams, and the sites that still support them

<img src="" />Truth be told, I have no idea why I'm about to write this post, other than the fact that it's in my little writing queue.

Yup, there's less phishing e-mails being thrown around these days

<img src="" />Notice less phishing e-mail lately? There's a reason, hot shot: the volume of phishing e-mail has dropped from 0.7
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