• 6 red flags of an ICO scam Crunch Network

    6 red flags of an ICO scam

    With exponential growth in public interest, esoteric terminology and a lax regulatory framework, it is no surprise that some ICOs have been used to fund scams and cheat investors of their money. While nothing can compete with quality due diligence, knowing which red flags to look for in order to steer clear of scams or bad ICOs can be helpful. Read More

  • Regular Facebook Users Are More Likely To Fall For Phishing Scams

    Regular Facebook Users Are More Likely To Fall For Phishing Scams

    Researchers at SUNY Buffalo have found that habitual Facebook users — those who are on the site more frequently than their peers — were more susceptible to phishing scams. How did they figure this out? By asking them about their habits and then surreptitiously creating a fake friend who then asked them for private information, including their student ID number and date of birth. Read More

  • Hackers Target Silk Road Auction Participants In Scam

    Hackers Target Silk Road Auction Participants In Scam

    The folks at Coindesk are reporting a fascinating phishing attack on leaked list of auction participants for the Silk Road bitcoins. The list, which appeared after a member of the US Marshals failed to use BCC, identified all the parties attempting to bid on the bitcoin seized during a raid on the Silk Road marketplace. It has been a useful tool for scammers. In this case the thieves sent a set… Read More

  • YourFreeProxy Is Caught Installing A Toolbar That Mines Bitcoin On The Sly

    YourFreeProxy Is Caught Installing A Toolbar That Mines Bitcoin On The Sly

    Today in “Things Your Tech Service Shouldn’t Do” we present YourFreeProxy from Mutual Public AKA We Build Toolbars, LLC. The company, which offers proxy servers for routing around firewalls and censorship, has been secretly using its tool to mine Bitcoin using their customer’s computer. This “feature” even appears prominently in their terms of service. Read More

  • Scam iOS Maker Of The Day: Installous

    Scam iOS Maker Of The Day: Installous

    A kind reader woke us up this morning with a missive that made my blood boil: another scam iOS maker was, in an insult to the great Mojang itself, selling a scam version of Minecraft. The company, Installous is selling something called Minecraft Mobile, a $2.99 app that actually produces a bunch of lines on the screen that flock around finger taps. Read More

  • Halo 4 iOS Scam Apps Look To Lure Unsuspecting iPhone And iPad Owners Over Holiday Freeze [Update: The Apps Have Been Removed]

    Halo 4 iOS Scam Apps Look To Lure Unsuspecting iPhone And iPad Owners Over Holiday Freeze [Update: The Apps Have Been Removed]

    Update: Apple has removed the offending apps, the company told me via email. Holiday downloaders are now safe from this attempted scam. A couple of new apps that just hit the iOS App Store ahead of the annual App Store holiday freeze are not what they appear to be. Masquerading as official Halo 4 ports for Apple’s mobile devices, these are actually a pretty lame racing game and an… Read More

  • Sock Puppet Spectacular: Are Online Reviews Completely Worthless, Or Only Mostly Worthless?

    Sock Puppet Spectacular: Are Online Reviews Completely Worthless, Or Only Mostly Worthless?

    “Nicodemus Jones” was a big fan of bestselling crime author RJ Ellory. His five-star Amazon reviews of Ellory’s books were littered with phrases like “modern masterpiece”, “will touch your soul”, “a magnificent book.” He was less kind to Mark Billingham and Stuart MacBride, both of whom were victims of one-star reviews by… Read More

  • To Catch A Scammer: One Man’s Mission To Shut Down An Invoice Scam

    To Catch A Scammer: One Man’s Mission To Shut Down An Invoice Scam

    It’s rare to see a scam play out in real time and to watch a potential victim turn the tables on the offender. After receiving an invoice from an unknown company for services he did not pay for, Ken from group blog Popehat (who prefers to remain anonymous) did a little digging. He found that the scammers were repeat offenders and that their paper trail, when properly researched, was a… Read More

  • Seriously? This Scam Is Still Happening On Ebay?

    I’ve always considered eBay a haven for flim-flam artists, con-men, and fools but this takes the cake. The old scam – basically a fine-print ruse where you’re actually selling a link or a box or something while making it look like you’re selling the real thing – is still alive and well on eBay but now it’s taken a decidedly more commercial turn. These… Read More

  • That's what you get when you click random links: Facebook scam promises nude photos of Paramore's Hayley Williams

    Matt invited us to a Facebook party last week, something along the lines of “CLICK HERE FOR A FREE IPAD~!” Now, I knew this was malware-related because I know Matt knows I wouldn’t want an iPad—free or otherwise. Clearly something smelled fishy here. The point is, even so-called techies can be the victim of malware. There’s a new scam going around Facebook right… Read More

  • Hackers cost U.S. businesses $25 million in phishing-related scams in 2009

    From now on, any story about “hackers” or “hacking” will be accompanied by a link to the song “Halcyon And On And On,” as made famous by the movie Hackers. With that in mind: who made more money last year, Wall Street fat-cats or hackers? The U.S. FDIC says that online scams cost businesses $25 million last year. These scams include phishing and other… Read More

  • You don't fall for the wallet inspector gimmick, so why fall for its online equivalent?

    I think I’m getting to the point that, instead of feeling bad for people who fall victim to phishing scheme, or any other online nonsense, I’m actually like, “You know what? Serves you right.” There’s a new scam going around that exploits Internet Explorer (in Windows XP, mostly), and it works by tricking users into pressing the F1 key at a certain time. Once the… Read More

  • Video Professor Tries To Bully Washington Post, Fails

    Video Professor continues to be angry that I called them a scam in my original Scamville post. They’ve gotten nowhere reaching out to me directly (more on that below), so now they’ve tried complaining to the Washington Post, which has syndicated our content since 2008. The Washington Post stood firm beside us today and kept our original post as written. Good for them. Essentially… Read More

  • Something about Web scams, and the sites that still support them

    Truth be told, I have no idea why I’m about to write this post, other than the fact that it’s in my little writing queue. You can’t fight City Hall. Here’s the deal: the Federal Government of the United States spent a bunch of money investigating various online marketing scams. How they work, what makes people fall for them, etc. Consumers lost some $1.4 billion to… Read More

  • Yup, there's less phishing e-mails being thrown around these days

    Notice less phishing e-mail lately? There’s a reason, hot shot: the volume of phishing e-mail has dropped from 0.79 percent of all e-mail sent to 0.49 percent. If we’re looking at just “bad” e-mail, though, phishing scams still make up the bulk: 86.9 percent of “bad” e-mail was phishing-related this month. That’s down six percent from July. Read More

  • Free laptops sent to government offices spurs FBI case

    Apparently it’s not okay to send West Virginia’s governor five free laptops. What a world! Governor Joe Manchin’s office got a nice four-pack of Compaq laptops earlier this month, followed a week later by a fifth machine from HP. The only problem was that nobody in his office ordered them or paid for them. Read More

  • Psst… Hey, buddy, I've got a 37-inch TV to sell you for $100

    Oh, dear. Imagine you’re minding your own business at the local Wal-Mart when a man approaches you. “Hey, buddy, want a brand new TV?” “Sure,” you reply, “why not?” The man pops open his boot, shows off what looks to be a TV… Read More

  •'s very shady return policy

    Well, now I’m not shopping at or Best Buy. Seriously. The new launched under new management last week we found the following statement within the return policy section. Some manufacturers have implemented returns restrictions that prevent from being able to accept returns or offer exchanges, replacements or credits on their products for… Read More

  • Sears is full of bull, plasma TVs do not need to be recharged

    Buying a plasma TV can be so frustrating. First, you as the informed consumer, know that plamsa TVs generally produce a superior picture verse LCDs but sometimes TV salesmen don’t agree. That being said, this guy managed to buy a plasma from Sears and turned down the $300 three-year service plan only to have the company call him a few days later to pitch the plan again. This time though… Read More

  • Ha! Face! FTC seeks to permanently bar bullshit scareware marketing, freezes offenders’ assets

    According to the FTC, over a million – a million! – people have been tricked “into buying computer security products such as WinFixer, WinAntivirus, DriveCleaner, ErrorSafe, and XP Antivirus,” through a tactic commonly known as scareware. Yes, those little boxes that pop up on just about every single non-technical computer user’s computer telling them that… Read More