• I Go Chop Your Dollar: The 419 anthem

    I was listening the This American Life podcast while drinking shade-grown decaf and clutching my NPR bag when I heard the best song in the world: I Go Chop Your Dollar. The song is essentially the 419 scammer anthem and has been around for quite a while. You know once an underworld has a musical genre – Nortenos, Gansta Rap – they’ve finally hit the big time. The intensity… Read More

  • SCAM ALERT: Paul Deery/Derry does not work for CrunchGear or, presumably, the Philadelphia Inquirer

    A scammer named Paul Deery or Derry has been requesting items from vendors and PR folks while claiming to represent CrunchGear and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He does not represent CrunchGear in any capacity. If you have any questions, contact me directly at He has already contacted one vendor requesting PC parts. Read More

  • Have fun with a Beninese scammer

    Hey, guys. If you’re bored at work today, I have a fun little game we can play. I posted some Ikea dressers on Craigslist in New York and sold them a few days later. However, I got an email from Mrs. Mary asking to buy the dressers for $300 or something and that she would send me $700 for me to cash and send her the “change.” Standard scam. However, I’ve got Mrs. Mary… Read More

  • An End To Bank-related Phishing

    There’s no doubt that phishing has become a huge problem. If you legitimately bank online, use Paypal, or have an eBay account, it’s beyond my comprehension how you manage to tell the real e-mails and fake e-mails apart. But Mikko over at F-Secure has what seems like a foolproof plan to counter bank-related phishing scammers. Make a new top level domain called .bank. This new… Read More

  • 419 Scammers Find the Parrot is Deceased

    I’m not sure how many folks are falling for 419 scams anymore — there are plenty of other scams out there that are working considerably better right now — but one scambaiter got his scammers to act out the Dead Parrot sketch. Quite funny. 419 scammers tricked into re-creating Dead Parrot Sketch [BoingBoing] Read More