• Internet-connected scale shares your shame with the world

    I’m not a svelte man anymore, I’ll admit. Two kids – I ate them both – and lots of beer have forced my metabolism to run, cowering, resulting in size changes that would swallow the average man. This product is what I need. The BodyTrace is a wireless scale that sends your shame to the Internet, allowing you to follow your slow decline – or incline – into our… Read More

  • Scale for the older folks with diabetes

    This bathroom scale, called Insight Foot Care Scale, serves a dual purpose: it checks your weight and checks the bottoms of your feet for erythema and signs of inflammation. Those with diabetes are supposed to check their feet everyday, which could help to prevent over half of the 75,000 amputations in the US every year among people with diabetes. Read More

  • Review: Tanita BC-573 InnerScan Scale

    While I often blame food on my morbid obesity, I can actually only blame myself. Food doesn’t jump into my mouth unbidden, correct? And sitting on the couch all night when I used to actually run at night when I felt I had too much energy is probably not helping? Right? Well, now I can confirm that I’m an amorphous blob of flab thanks to the BC-573 InnerScan Scale. This thing tells… Read More

  • Hey Fatty, Put Down The Cookie And Go To

    It’s the holiday season and you’re bound to pack on a few extra pounds between office parties, family gatherings and parties with friends, mixed with an overloaded, hectic schedule that keeps you from hitting the gym. Or at least that’s what every major media outlet has been telling us year after year. So I figured CG should join the fray and tell you the same… Read More