Sawhorse media

  • Shoutworthy Lets You Endorse A Friend In 140

    We’ve killed off reputation before, but it somehow refuses to die, with third party platforms like Unvarnished gaining steam in an entirely new sector of social, reputation currency. Quietly launching today out of DUMBO, Brooklyn (“the SOMA of New York City”) comes Sawhorse Media’s Shoutworthy, a social app that attempts to steal some of LinkedIn’s thunder and cash… Read More

  • Not Sure Which Twitter Lists To Follow? Listorious Has A Directory Of The Best Ones

    Twitter Lists are rolling out today (although the feature is not quite turned on for everyone yet). The new feature lets users make lists of interesting people on Twitter, grouped together so that they are easy to follow. But how do you find the best lists? Already, there is an independent directory service which is launching in tandem with Twitter Lists called Listorious. (Warning: it… Read More