Disney puts a new spin on its accelerator

Over the past few years, Disney’s accelerator classes have been transitioning away from what was once a roughly standard early-stage growth framework. Rather than the “adopt-a-company” models pr

Judah vs. the Machines: In which a robot services a hotel room

Robots remain a rare sight outside of labs in most of the world, but in Silicon Valley, they have already started taking on service jobs. In this episode of Judah vs. the Machines, Judah visits the Cr

Is a “robot tax” really an “innovation penalty”?

Steve Cousins Contributor Steve Cousins is founder and CEO of Savioke, which develops and deploys autonomous robots that work in human environments to improve people’s lives. Steve was previously pr

Room-service robots — and that’s just the start

What happens when you give a general-purpose computer chip a high-resolution view of its environment and the ability to react to what it sees? Turns out you create a brand-new industry.

The Savioke Robot Is Headed To A Hotel Near You

When I’m in a hotel room I like absolute privacy. After all, calling upon Baphomet and/or playing Firewatch takes absolute concentration and I don’t want humans intruding on my reverie. Th

Savioke Gets $2M To Build A ‘Services Industry’ Robot

<a target="_blank" href="">Savioke</a>, a robotics startup out of Sunnyvale led by the former CEO of the now-defunct but influential Willow Garage robotics startup, is announcing a s