With millions in backing, SecureSave is Suze Orman’s not-so-surprising debut into startups

For those who know financial planner Suze Orman’s work, it’s no surprise that her debut into startup life begins with the word secure. The personal finance thought leader has over 30 million copie

CNote looks to upend traditional savings with the help of good timing

Believe it or not, the money you have in your savings account right now is probably losing you money. In today’s economy, inflation outpaces the interest rates that banks pay to encourage saving

MoneyLion brings traditional banking ever closer to obsolescence

The lingo of personal finance is rapidly changing. Mint has replaced our nagging parents and significant others who think our spending is out of control. Wealthfront and Betterment took away our perso

Ibotta Expands Beyond Mobile Coupons, Now Lets You Earn Cash Back From Restaurants, Fast Food & Home Improvement Stores

Denver-based mobile couponing application <a target="_blank" href="">Ibotta</a>, which pays you cash back for items you buy in grocery stores by simply scanning your receipt, has to

Clipless Debuts A Deal Finder With Location-Based Alerts, Goes Android First

<a target="_blank" href="">Clipless</a>, a new mobile application built for Android first, is launching today as a tool to collect nearby offer

Earmark & Dollarbird Help Encourage Financial Responsibility, Not Careless Spending

If the plethora of "aspirational" shopping companions have left you with something of a bad taste in your mouth for encouraging overspending, here's a palate cleanser: a couple of newer apps for iOS,