Saudi Arabia

SoftBank Group and Saudi Arabia plan to spend $200 billion building the world’s biggest solar power plant

SoftBank Group Corp., known for splashy deals involving billions of dollars (see: its Vision Fund and investments in Uber and Didi), has signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia to build

Saudi Arabia’s TechUtopia Neom will have to reinvent the rules to succeed

Saudi Arabia’s legal environment is currently built for an economy that no longer exists, and a social world that most of the planet has left behind. The dream of Neom should be for a bridge to the

Saudi Arabia bestows citizenship on a robot named Sophia

Saudi Arabia just made a non-human woman a citizen, making it the first country to grant a robot the right to citizenship, at least as far as we know. Why it did so isn't immediately evident, but the

Saudi Arabia opens itself to Skype, WhatsApp and other internet calling services

Lifting a longtime ban, Saudi Arabia will open up the country to online calling services. Apps like Skype and WhatsApp will become functional in the country on Wednesday at midnight local time. The an

Snap blocks Al Jazeera in Saudi Arabia to “comply with local laws”

Snap has bowed to pressure from the government of Saudi Arabia to censor a news channel operated by the Qatar-based news broadcaster, Al Jazeera, from the Snapchat Discover section of its app.

SoftBank’s massive Vision Fund raises $93 billion in its first close

SoftBank’s huge $100 billion investment fund — the largest tech fund in history — announced its first close today… and it’s huge. The Japanese telecom giant revealed th

Crunch Report | Apple’s New Video Editing App

Apple creates a new video editing app called Clips, large electronics are now banned from flights to the U.S. coming from 13 countries and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies starts building full-si

Apple may participate in $100 billion SoftBank fund

Apple is considering investing up to $1 billion in the SoftBank Vision Fund, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. With a fundraising target of $100 billion, Apple’s participation woul

Softbank and Saudi Arabia’s PIF planning $100BN tech fund

Softbank has announced it is creating a new global tech investment fund, seeded with $25 billion of its own money. The fund, which will be London, UK based -- with a working title of the 'Softbank Vi

What are leveraged loans and why does Uber want one?

Uber, fresh off $3.5 billion from the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, is in talks to close another $1-2 billion in the form of leveraged loans. Over the last 24 hours, the term "leveraged loan

Uber takes its most significant investment yet at $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia

Uber announced today it took $3.5 billion from Public Investment Fund (PIF), Saudi Arabia’s main investment fund as part of its latest round. The new investment is the largest to date for the r

How social entrepreneurship is making a difference in the world

We have grown accustomed to the Silicon Valley zeal driving startups to develop new technologies that will disrupt the market in yet another way. On-demand apps like Uber are aimed at making our lives

Saudi Arabian Startup NOMADD Looks To Clean Up Solar Energy Production

Bérénice Magistretti Contributor Bérénice Magistretti is a Swiss freelance writer based in San Francisco. She focuses on startups in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and emerging markets. More posts by t

How Gulf Countries Can Ignite Their Startup Revolution

There is hardly a day that passes without a new major initiative, announcement or bold proclamation by the Gulf economies of United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to prom

SolFocus Selling Solar To Saudi Arabia

<img src="" width="231" height="218" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-237136" /></img>Americans exporting renewable energy resour

Saudi Arabians Will Soon Need A License To Blog

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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

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