Orbit Fab unveils $30K port to refuel satellites

Orbit Fab wants to build “gas stations” for satellites — which means it needs the gas cap, a mechanism for transferring propellant from an orbital tanker to the customer spacecraft.

Orbio Earth finds methane leaks that could cost oil companies billions this year

Investors bet the startup’s algorithms, which feed on satellite data, will fill a significant gap in the methane market.

Satellite servicing tech startup, led by former head of Ukraine’s space agency, lands $4M

Kurs Orbital, a startup founded by Ukrainian space industry veterans, has closed a new tranche of funding to accelerate the commercialization of its satellite servicing technology. The two-year-old co

SpaceX will de-orbit 100 Starlink satellites with unidentified flaw

SpaceX announced today that it will be sending some 100 Starlink satellites to an early retirement after a flaw was identified that could make them a worry later on. Don’t expect a fiery light s’s radar satellites use machine learning to punch well above their weight

Those of us lucky enough to be sitting by a window can predict the weather just by looking outside, but for the less privileged, weather forecasting and analysis is getting better and better. Tomorrow

Albedo closes $35M at boosted valuation to build satellites that orbit very, very close to Earth

Satellite startup Albedo aims to provide commercial orbital imagery so detailed that the military kept its own version under wraps — until it was leaked a few years ago by Donald Trump. In 2019, the

Rocket Lab leverages vertical integration to land $515M military satellite contract

The Space Development Agency is the mystery customer behind Rocket Lab’s up-to $515 million, 18-satellite order announced in late December, the two firms announced today. In a regulatory filing from

Open Cosmos, a UK satellite startup focused on sustainability, raises $50M

Satellites have come into focus as a critical way — and sometimes the only way — to deliver communications and receive data about certain locations around the world, a power position that

French startup Exotrail expands US footprint with two new subsidiaries

French in-space transportation company Exotrail is launching two U.S.-based subsidiaries, one focused specifically on serving U.S. government and defense customers, the company said Monday. Tyler Brow

Amazon is building a $120M facility in Florida for Project Kuiper satellite processing

Amazon will spend $120 million on a new satellite processing facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC), as the company gears up to launch the first batch of Project Kuiper prototype satellites i

Astranis moves to Plan B after first commercial internet satellite malfunctions on orbit

Space-based internet startup Astranis said Friday that its first commercial internet satellite will be unable to provide continuous coverage to Alaska due to a malfunction with both spacecraft’s sol

Astranis will launch a dedicated internet satellite for the Philippines next year

Space-based internet startup Astranis inked a new deal to launch and operate a dedicated satellite for the Philippines, which will provide enough bandwidth to connect up to 2 million people. Astranis

Starlink satellites are dodging objects in orbit thousands of times every month

Starlink satellites are making thousands of avoidance maneuvers as low Earth orbit becomes more crowded, feeding worries that a catastrophic impact is inevitable. SpaceX’s orbital communication

Orbit Fab closes $28.5M Series A for on-orbit refueling capabilities

Orbit Fab, a company that wants to build a network of refueling stations in orbit, closed a $28.5 million Series A to launch more fuel delivery and infrastructure missions. The Colorado-based startup

Satellite startup Constellr wins backing to build out its water-monitoring platform

We are living in the era of so-called microsatellites, which are equipped with thermal cameras and other regalia to, for instance, alert farmers before crops are damaged, predict droughts and aid in t

Solestial promises solar panels in space for a tenth of the cost and lines up $10M seed

The coming wave of satellite constellations all need power, but solar panels built for space are extremely expensive and difficult to manufacture. Solestial is ready to change that with space-grade pa

Space billboards could cost $65M and still turn a profit

Space-based advertising has been on the minds of every marketer on the planet since the Apollo era, yet no one has made it happen. A new study suggests that a billboard-like constellation of about 50

Lynk may beat Starlink and Apple to the punch as FCC approves its space-based texting

SpaceX and T-Mobile may have hogged the headlines with their flashy pre-announcement about Starlink connectivity last month, and Apple last week, but Lynk has been putting in the work and may very wel

Morpheus Space’s satellite thrusters are propelled forward with a $28M Series A

The booming satellite industry has been a boon for Morpheus Space, which produces a modular, electric propulsion system for small satellites. Morpheus has raised a $28 million Series A, with which it

Muon Space plans a ‘turnkey solution’ for custom Earth observation satellites

Plenty of companies want to operate in space, but few have or need the expertise to do so. They want an eye in the sky but not a satellite company. Muon Space is one of several startups looking to put
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