• After nearly two years, NASA regains contact with lost spacecraft

    After nearly two years, NASA regains contact with lost spacecraft

    After attempting to regain contact for nearly two years, NASA has finally reestablished communications with the sun-studying satellite, STEREO-B. At 6:27 p.m. ET, NASA received a downlink signal from the spacecraft using the ground-based communication antennas in the Deep Space Network. STEREO-B is one of two spacecraft that orbit the sun and make up the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory… Read More

  • NASA releases new video showing the globe age one year

    NASA releases new video showing the globe age one year

    Last year around this time, NASA released the first image of Earth taken by the EPIC camera on the DSCOVR satellite. Since then, that camera has captured a full year of our planet from its location at Lagrange Point 1 about one million miles away. Compiling over 3,000 images, NASA put together a video showing a sunlit Earth age one full year.   EPIC takes at least one set of images… Read More

  • DigitalGlobe unveils next-generation imaging satellite

    DigitalGlobe unveils next-generation imaging satellite

    It’s really frustrating when that super-fly Snapchat you took at 55 mph of the unreleased Tesla Model 3 you caught in the wild turns out blurry. DigitalGlobe will be able to snap that picture from 400 miles away, at 17,000 mph, with its new satellite. TechCrunch got a sneak preview of DigitalGlobe‘s, nearly billion-dollar, satellite that will be able to send hella dope grams… Read More

  • SpaceX is awarded its first national security contract

    SpaceX is awarded its first national security contract

    The U.S. Air Force has awarded SpaceX an $82.7 million contract to launch their GPS-3 satellite into orbit. This is the first National Security Space (NSS) contract for SpaceX, who won essentially by default since ULA, the only other viable competitor, declined to bid in the competition. “This GPS III Launch Services contract award achieves a balance between mission success, meeting… Read More

  • Astro Digital Releases Platform For Anyone To Analyze Satellite Imagery

    Astro Digital Releases Platform For Anyone To Analyze Satellite Imagery

    Astro Digital, a satellite imaging and imagery analysis company, released the newest version of their image processing software today. Anyone can access their software, for free, and retrieve satellite imagery of any area on Earth. The company also offers an API that developers can use to incorporate satellite data into their products. The software itself compiles global satellite imagery… Read More

  • Europe Launches Sentinel-3A And The International Nature of Earth Observation

    Europe Launches Sentinel-3A And The International Nature of Earth Observation

    Yesterday at 12:57 pm EST, the European Space Agency (ESA) successfully launched the Sentinel-3A satellite into orbit. The Earth-observing satellite was launched by the Russian-made Rockot launcher from Plesetsk, Russia and is the latest satellite to join Europe’s environmental monitoring program known as Copernicus. The Copernicus program consists of around 30 Earth-observing… Read More

  • New Air Force Satellites Launched To Improve GPS

    New Air Force Satellites Launched To Improve GPS

    This morning, the United Launch Alliance (ULA) successfully launched a Boeing-built satellite into orbit as part of the U.S. Air Force’s Global Positioning System (GPS). This $131 million satellite was the final addition to the Air Force’s most recent 12-satellite GPS series, known as the Block IIF satellites. GPS satellites are operated by the Air Force and provide global… Read More

  • Inmarsat Courts Developers, Opens Its Satellite Broadband Platform To All

    Inmarsat Courts Developers, Opens Its Satellite Broadband Platform To All

    Inmarsat, the UK-based satellite company that provides voice and broadband services to users in the air and on land and sea, is today announcing that it will open its platform for all developers to access. The move is calculated to help the company expand its services beyond its traditional customer base — businesses and individuals in remote areas that terrestrial networks… Read More

  • Adobe Buys Satellite For Tag Management Technology, Makes Deeper Move Into Marketing And Ad Tech

    Adobe Buys Satellite For Tag Management Technology, Makes Deeper Move Into Marketing And Ad Tech

    Following on from its $600 million purchase of marketing platform Neolane, which closed earlier this month, Adobe today made its fourth acquisition of 2013. To strengthen its marketing and analytics business, Adobe has bought Satellite, a tag management technology that helps marketers with analytics and media tracking across web sites. Satellite is part of a larger interactive marketing… Read More

  • Remember When: Your Commodore 64 Was A Satellite Descrambler?

    Back in the old days, in Europe, TV selection was pretty limited. When they started offering satellite, you had a few free channels and a few paid channels but enterprising hackers figured out how to decode all of the channels using a breakout cart and the C64’s super processor. The resulting solution cost about $120 way back when and saved a bunch of Euro-hackers quite a bit of money. Read More

  • Citizen Satellite Eco-Drive Watch Is Accurate Planet-Wide

    Atomic clock radio signal syncing watches are so last year. Citizen just decimated the coolness factor of those watches with the Satellite Eco-Drive watch. This timepiece isn’t just a concept, but will actually be produced as a limited edition later this year – and may have its tech show up in later watches. In a nutshell, the watch keeps its time super accurate from syncing with… Read More

  • PSA: Toshiba Recalls 41,000 Laptops For Overheating

    Bad news if you own a Toshiba Satellite T130 notebook. It’s got a flaw. In fact, the CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Comission) just issued a recall for about 41,000 notebook computers, siting a flaw in the plastic casing around the AC adapter plug. Apparently there’s a problem with the DC-in harness that can cause the plastic to melt, causing minor burns. Apparently Toshiba… Read More

  • Toshiba Japan starts selling 3D notebook, follows up with three new 2D notebooks

    After unveiling the TX/98MBL last month (the world’s first Blu-ray-playing 3D notebook), Toshiba Japan showed [JP] another three (2D) notebooks today. The 15.6-inch 3D model is now on sale in Toshiba Japan’s online store for $2,860, while the three 2D models of the RX3W series (which all come with a 13.3-inch screen) will follow soon. Read More

  • CubeSat XI-V: Japan gets tweeting satellite

    As if the Akiba Pulse Box (the Twitter heart beat posting device) or the Bowlingual (the iPhone Twitter app for dogs) weren’t enough: Japan now boasts the world’s first tweeting satellite, the CubeSat XI-V. Developed by the Nakasuka Lab at the University of Tokyo, the pico satellite (four inches) is currently orbiting Earth and keeps posting [JP] various data to its followers… Read More

  • Turns out you really, really, like your television provider

    Last year, overall satisfaction with television providers was at the lowest level in 5 years. It seems however, that when J.D. Power tells the providers that they suck, they listen. And now, they seem to have actually turned it around. Read More

  • AT&T launching Genus satellite smartphone with TerreStar

    AT&T announced today that they are teaming up with Terrestar to release a smartphone with satellite capabilities. Previously, satellite phones were limited to just voice calls, or the occasional tethering (that didn’t work very well). Read More

  • They now use solar technology to propel satellites

    Japan is getting more active in the solar energy field in recent months, and now, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has revealed a plan under which solar photons will be used to propel satellites in outer space [JP, PDF]. The aim is to make satellites in general more energy-efficient. Read More

  • Japan to flood outer space with 100 mini satellites

    Japan wants to become a new force in space. The country is currently planning to launch a swarm of up to 100 mini-satellites, each costing between $3 million and $4 million. Sized at around 50cm, the cubicle-shaped satellites are supposedly not bigger than school backpacks. The 50kg-satellites will be used to track natural disasters, the weather and traffic jams. This initiative is part of… Read More

  • Fail: Indian W2M satellite

    W2M, the first satellite to come out of a European/Indian joint venture signed in February 2006, was launched on December 20 for Paris-based Eutelsat. On the evening of January 22, a major malfunction occurred with the power system, prompting the Indian Space Research Organization to declare the satellite a failure. Engineers will continue to try to revive some portion of the satellite… Read More

  • Students develop satellites, which will launch next month

    In cooperation with private businesses, Japanese students from various universities have developed a total of four small-sized satellites that are ready for launch in January on Japan’s H-2A rocket. The satellites were unveiled yesterday at a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency facility in Osaka. Read More