• SARAH Demo at Hackathon SF 2013

    SARAH Lets You Request Information From 21 Government Agencies At The Same Time

    The federal government collects gobs and gobs of data on people, and thanks to a little something called the Freedom of Information Act, people can make requests to liberate some of it. It sounds simple enough, but navigating the labyrinthine process and drafting the request is no easy thing.
    That’s where SARAH comes in. Read More

  • Eureka's S.A.R.A.H Twitterview'd

    You’re probably gearing up for tonight’s mid-season finally of Eureka. After all, with the exception of the lame Degree┬ádeodorant┬áspots, the show is filled with the best gadgets ever imagined and if you’re reading Crunchgear, you like gadgets. S.A.R.A.H, the local smart house, might be the greatest of ’em all with a direct line to Global Dynamics and the ability to… Read More