Qualified raises $95M to help Salesforce users with sales pipeline generation

Lead generation is a critical cornerstone in the world of sales — in a seemingly infinite sea of potential customers, you need to know who wants to buy, or who might buy, what you are selling so

Heading into 2021: Venture fundraising, liquidity and the everything bubble

So, onto 2021 we go. Let's see if the bulls are right again.

Why Sapphire’s Jai Das thinks the Salesforce-Slack deal could succeed

"I think there are some companies that have a lot of COVID tailwind."

The MB&F HM6 Alien Nation will attack your block

Fine timepieces are usually staid affairs. A little gold here, some enamel here, and a nice movement are enough to please some of us but it’s clear that a minority need hand-cut crystal domes, s

GT Advanced Technologies To End Sapphire Business And Settle Debt With Apple

GT Advanced Technologies, the company Apple had entered into a deal with worth $578 million last year for the advance purchase of sapphire components, has reached an agreement with the iPhone maker to

Apple Sapphire Supplier GT Advanced Technologies Files For Bankruptcy

GT Advanced Technologies, which has a supply relationship with Apple after an agreement struck late last year, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company will continue to operate as n

Apple Patents A Way To Make Sapphire Screens Even Stronger

Apple has a new patent (via AppleInsider) that could help explain leaked videos showing a front screen material that is incredibly durable, and resistant to bending, scratching and shattering. The scr

Apple’s Sapphire iPhone Costs Could Be Lower Than Expected

Apple’s plan is to work synthetic sapphire into pricier next-generation iPhone models, according to the WSJ, provided they can get enough supply. While some analysts quoted expect this to potent

Supposed iPhone 6 Display Cover Faces The Sandpaper Test

The leaked component that’s being touted as the front screen of the upcoming iPhone 6 got a good workout in a video test by Youtube regular MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) when it first broke cover, an

Apple Patents Stronger Sapphire Displays And Illuminated Sapphire Controls

Apple has a few new patent applications with the USPTO (via AppleInsider), all relating to sapphire glass displays and elements for its use in mobile devices. The patents cover a method for making sap

Apple Patents LiquidMetal And Sapphire Mobile Device Construction Method

Apple has just renewed its exclusive licensing deal with LiquidMetal, a fairly exotic metal alloy that behaves like plastic, and today it was granted a patent by the USPTO (via AppleInsider) for use o

Apple Reportedly Looking To Expand GT Advanced Sapphire Plant In Arizona

Apple is said to be exploring options to expand the facility it’s building with manufacturing partner GT Advanced Technologies in Arizona, a facility which is going to be used to help the compan

Apple Patents Smudge-Resistant Sapphire Coating, Suggesting Displays Are On The Way

Apple has filed for a patent (via AppleInsider) that adds further fuel to the fire around the possibility it will use sapphire glass for future device displays. The the new application describes how a

Apple Sapphire Supplier GT Advanced Talks New Customers, Hints At Fall iPhone Launch

Apple’s sapphire manufacturing partner GT Advanced released its fourth-quarter fiscal results today, and they announced a bunch of numbers and stuff about profitability as you might expect. But

Apple Patents Sapphire Component Production Method As Manufacturing Facility Ramps Up

Apple is moving fast on securing intellectual property related to the making and usage of sapphire glass, filing another patent related to the material recently that has been published by the USPTO to

Apple Patents Sapphire Display Tech After Last Year’s $578M Deal With Sapphire Maker

Apple has had a patent approved today (via AppleInsider) that could make it a leader in a new kind of display material technology: Sapphire glass. The patent describes various methods for attaching sa

Apple, The Hyperion Ion Cannon And Why Future iPhones Could Have A Sapphire Screen

Late last week we published a piece about why Apple would want to build a factory to manufacture sapphire crystal, and why it might want to own over $570M worth of that production up front. Today, by

Why Apple Bought $578M Worth Of Sapphire In Advance

Apple is building a manufacturing plant in Arizona that will be used by GT Advanced Technologies to make sapphire crystals for use in its products. Apple currently uses sapphire in its home buttons an

MB&F HM2 SV Final Edition Watches Hands-On

<img src=""/>The original HM2 SV was limited to only 25 pieces. That is a really low amount given how popular the watch was - an

MB&F HM2 Final Edition Watches

<img src=""/>The MB&F Horological Machine Number 2 has enjoyed a really rich life. The 'wrist rectangle' is now going int
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