• Geiger Fukushima: Radiation And Geiger Counter For The iPhone

    Geiger Fukushima: Radiation And Geiger Counter For The iPhone

    Japan-based Sanwa has announced the so-called Geiger Fukushima [JP], a portable and light (70g) geiger counter that uses the iPhone to measure beta and gamma rays in your environment. Just connect the 14cm long probe to the iPhone, fire up an app that supports the device and view the handset’s display to track radiation readings. There are many portable geiger counters out there, but… Read More

  • MA-Touch1: Sanwa's Magic Mouse Clone For Windows PCs

    Apple’s Magic Mouse has obviously inspired Japanese accessory maker Sanwa Supply: the Tokyo-based company is offering the MA-Touch1 [JP], a wireless mouse with a multi-touch enabled top shell. The main (technical) difference is that the Sanwa mouse doesn’t support Bluetooth but works via a wireless USB connection instead. Read More

  • Super-cute USB Hub Robot

    Japan-based accessory specialist Sanwa Supply started selling the so-called USB Hub Robot [JP] yesterday. As the name suggests, it’s a USB hub (with two ports) that’s shaped like a cute robot robot. Read More

  • Truck Card Reader And USB Hub Combo

    I wonder why USB specialist Thanko has never thought of this cool card reader and USB hub combo [JP] that looks like a toy truck. The gadget offers a total of three USB 2.0 ports and supports 13 different cards, from microSD to CF cards. Read More

  • Video: Sanwa's power strip with integrated wattage meter

    Japan-based accessory specialist Sanwa Supply hasn’t reinvented the wheel with their newest device [JP], but this power strip, which features an integrated wattage meter, doesn’t look like a bad idea. It basically helps you to keep track of the power consumption of any electronic device that’s connected to either one of its five outlets. Read More

  • Japanese company sells mini USB projector

    A Japanese company called Sanwa is selling the 400-PRJ001 [JP], a portable projector that can be connected to your PC via USB (you’ll need two ports). Sized at 62.1×18.6×89.3mm, the device is really tiny and weighs 85g. Read More

  • New case protects your iPhone from scratches, water and sand

    A Japanese company called Sanwa is selling a waterproof case [JP] (or a bag as they call it) that protects your iPhone from nasty stuff like scratches, water and sand. Sanwa says their 200-PDA016 is ideal for all users who can’t go hiking, to the beach or skiing without their iPhone. The case looks pretty robust, but the company promises that users will be able to do everything with… Read More

  • This super-mobile hand trackball might save you a lot of space

    Japan-based PC accessory maker Sanwa Supply is selling a tiny point-and-click device that can possibly save a lot of space in your work area and might be handy during presentations. The device is sized at just 35×30×30mm, can be used held in your hand with your thumb operating it and looks cool. Read More

  • What recession? The Sanwa throat microphone should improve call quality (but you'll look odd)

    Go ahead, walk around your local mall with this Sanwa throat microphone and see what happens. Created by Japan’s Sanwa, and modeled after similar throat microphones used by elite military forces around the world (supposedly), the mic wraps around your throat and is supposed to improve call clarity. Read More