Apple Gives $2.5 Million To Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts, Raises Additional “Millions” Via iTunes

Apple is donating $2.5 million to Hurricane Sandy relief, according to an internal staff email obtained by 9t05Mac this morning. The lump sum donation is in addition to the company's collection of mon

LinkedIn Steps Up To Help Children In Need After Hurricane Sandy Devastation

Today, LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner tweeted out a link to a new initiative that his company is participating in. As I noted over the weekend, <a href="

After Hurricane Sandy, NY Startups Have To Find A Place To Get Back To Work

Recovering from Hurricane Sandy is no small feat as most of Lower Manhattan is still in the dark without power. I talked with a couple of people working in startups who had to find a place to get back

Squarespace, Fog Creek, Peer1 Kept NY Data Center Alive By Carrying Fuel Buckets To The 17th Floor In The Dark

Small businesses may have been even more affected than big companies by Hurricane Sandy, as they don't have the same resources. When <a target="_blank" href="">Squarespace</

Airbnb Waives Fees For Sandy-Affected Users, Encourages Lower Prices From Hosts

We've seen <a href="">a few companies</a> <a href="https://te

AT&T And T-Mobile Combine Wireless Coverage In Sandy-Affected Areas

AT&T and T-Mobile have signed an agreement that lets subscribers to either company roam on either network in devastated parts of the country where Hurricane Sandy has left users with poor cellular

FCC: Sandy Took Down 25% Of Cell Towers In 10 States

If you think Sandy's slow, steady passing is a sign of good things to come, think again. It's going to take days (at the very least) to restore power to many of the 7 million+ people living in darknes

New York’s Temporarily Halts Shipping Over Hurricane Sandy Fallout

The fallout from Hurricane Sandy is still affecting startups left and right. New York's sent a memo out to customers today saying that it is temporarily halting shipments of packages because i