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  • Intel: 75 Million 2nd Generation Core CPUs Shipped, Fastest Selling CPU In Company’s History

    Intel: 75 Million 2nd Generation Core CPUs Shipped, Fastest Selling CPU In Company’s History

    Intel clearly has a hit on its hands. Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group, took to the IDF 2011 stage today and announced several things including that, as this posts headline states, the company’s current crop of Core CPUs, codenamed Sandy Bridge, is Intel’s fastest selling platform yet with more than 75 million chips shipped. This major… Read More

  • Building A New PC? Intel's Motherboard Woes Have Been Resolved

    I’m in the middle of building a new desktop computer, and for the last couple weeks have been frustrated by the recall of Intel’s new P67 (Sandy Bridge-supporting) motherboards, since those are exactly what value-conscious buyers like myself would be going for. Well, the wait is over — the replacements have arrived. It’s safe to build! Read More

  • HP's Sandy Bridge Notebook Line Now Shipping

    Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform got off to a rough start with a recall shortly after it launched, which then sent ripples through top-tier manufacturers who then had to delay or recall their wares. But everything is worked out now and the sun is beating down on the sandy bridges as HP starts shipping its first round of next-gen Intel notebooks. Read More

  • Intel Sandy Bridge Glitch Causes Manufacturers To Scramble [Updated] For A Fix

    Looks like Intel “le falta un tornillo.” You’re surely aware of the problem with its Series 6 (“Cougar Point”) support chipset, which has caused the company to stop production of its Sandy Bridge processors. It’s a nightmare, and not only for Intel. Take Asus: a fine company that produces a number motherboards and laptops that are afflicted with the… Read More

  • Digital Storm New Enix Desktop Has A Sandy Bridge With 4.7GHz

    You may remember the Digital Storm Black Ops that we gave away during Christmas. That thing was a beast; how could it get better? Well, as you know, technology always gets better. And now, we have the entirely new Enix; which will raise the GHz ceiling a bit higher. Read More

  • HP's dv7 Sandy Bridge Notebook Sold And Benchmarked A Bit Early

    The Sandy Bridge¬†refresh¬†of the HP dv7 isn’t exactly official yet; that’s coming next week when Intel officially announces the next-gen Core CPUs. But one Micro Center clearly didn’t get the memo as a member of NoteBookReview’s forum site found out when the retailer was more than happy to sell him one. Lucky for us, he not only took a pic of the retail packaging… Read More