• Off Topic: Tell me where to get the best cheesesteak

    So I finally got around to getting a true Philly Cheesesteak this weekend. I was aware of the whole Pat’s versus Geno’s thing, but a sizable contingent of local Philadelphians steered Peter and me to Jim’s on South Street. As a born-and-bred Midwesterner, I’m down for anything with melted cheese, meat, or mayonnaise and while the cheesesteak I got from Jim’s… Read More

  • Sony cuts Japanese PS3 console offering to one model

    I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport in what used to be a nice, quiet spot where I figured I could get some work done when four guys from New York just sat down RIGHT behind me (despite there being plenty of open seats). They proceeded to call in an order for sandwiches from some New York deli, argued about who’s sandwich would have what on it, and then called their secretaries to… Read More