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How Much Is Expert Testimony Worth To Apple? $75,000

In the case of Samsung vs. Apple, one of the biggest tech trials on U.S. soil, today's been all about Peter Bressler, one of Apple's expert witnesses. He's <a href="

Apple Vs. Samsung: “Overall Design” Is What Confuses Customers, Not The Details

A major factor of the <a href="">Apple v. Samsung case</a> has been whether consume

Surprise! Apple’s Design Expert Testifies That Most Galaxy Devices Infringe Apple Patents, Trade Dress

In the ongoing saga of Samsung v. Apple, an expert witness testified in court today essentially confirming everything Apple has asserted against Samsung in relation to design patents (so far — we ju

Samsung Strategy Officer: iPhone-Induced “Crisis Of Design” Docs Were Exaggerated To Motivate Employees

We're just commencing Week Two of the Samsung v. Apple trial in San Jose, and Judge Lucy Koh opened the day with a joke, saying that there had been a false hope in her heart this weekend that the two