The Little Secret of Web Startups

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SynthaSite Gets A $20 Million Boost For Simple Website Creation Software

<img src="" />There have been simple, browser-based website creation tools available on the market ever since the WWW turned mainstream,

Sampa Redesigns User Interface, Gets Injection of Cash

Sampa, the personal homepage creator for families, has raised $1M in Series A financing from a group of individuals including Geoff Entress and former executives from Microsoft, Netscape, and Lightsur

Get Your Family Together At Sampa

When we covered the slate of companies helping people chronicle family stories and milestones, we left out a quiet but excellent Redmond, Washington startup called Sampa. They aren’t new, and we

Sampa Brings Personalized Pages to Facebook

Sampa is a personal website creation tool that lets you customize your own freely hosted website. Unlike Weebly and Synthasite, Sampa is not as much focused on layout as it is on content. Site creatio