Sam Lessin

Inside ‘Fin,’ the elite human/AI assistant

"I have FOMO for the future", says Sam Lessin. That's why his startup Fin is working backwards from a far-off tech utopia. One day, computers with some human help will answer our every beck and call.

Dave Morin And Kevin Colleran’s Slow Ventures Raises A New $65 Million Fund

Slow Ventures, previously run by early Facebook employees Dave Morin and Kevin Colleran, has raised a new $65 million fourth fund. Sam Lessin, another former Facebook employee who left in August la

Facebook’s Fischer And Lessin Say User Experience And Advertising Are Sides Of The Same Coin

Do Facebook's efforts to make money come at the cost of the user experience? Company executives David Fischer (vice president of marketing and business partnerships) and Sam Lessin (who heads the Iden

Sam Lessin Pitches The Facebook Timeline

Because Facebook Timeline <a href="">is rolling out to the public</a> in the coming weeks, Facebook brought in press last we

Dave Morin Argues Information Is More Valuable When You Pay For It. He's Wrong.

<img src=""> Lately there's been a backlash against blogs and open information on the Web, in general. It started with newspapers p