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SetSail adds ChatGPT questioning capabilities on top of sales data

SetSail set out to build a new way to compensate sales people, where based on the data, companies could pay salespeople on where they were in the pipeline, not in just one big chunk when they landed t

Product-led growth is propelling a wave of sales tools startups

It’s tempting to call the new generation of sales tools “PLG CRMs,” but, it turns out, they don’t quite fit that description.

Microsoft is elevating Viva from pure employee portal to job support platform starting with sales

When Microsoft launched Viva last year, it framed the platform as an employee portal where you might go to find out parental leave policy or other internal communications directed more generally at co

Vivun is digitizing pre-sales, and just got $75M in new investment

Vivun was built by Matt Darrow, a guy who cut his teeth in pre-sales at Zuora. He believed that pre-sales teams had a lot to offer to the organization, but there really wasn’t any software to ca

Dock helps sales teams build, share and recycle sales collateral microsites

When Dock co-founder and CEO Alex Kracov was working at Lattice, an HR startup, he was in charge of a marketing team of 20 people, and he noticed that as the company grew and moved up market, the sale

Amplemarket nabs $12M to ramp up sales enablement using AI

What is sales enablement, exactly? To most companies, it’s providing sales organizations with the content, tools and information they need to sell more effectively. Sales enablement is a broad-b

Scratchpad adds deal alerts to help identify most promising prospects

Scratchpad began life as an easy way to add information to Salesforce by acting as a layer that sits on top of the popular CRM application. But the startup’s founders knew it needed to be more t

Scratchpad nabs $33M Series B to continue building sales workspace

Scratchpad, a startup that is building a tool to make it easier for salespeople to enter data into Salesforce, has expanded that mission to give access to the information it’s collecting to the

Weflow pours pre-seed funding into tool that makes updating Salesforce faster

Salesforce users tend to have a similar complaint in the amount of time it takes to update records, but Weflow aims to conquer this form of “Salesforce fatigue.” The Berlin-based company is develo

Momentum announces $5M seed to automate sales tasks in Slack

The sales process can be chaotic, with data flowing in from a variety of sources and a number of people involved. Salesforce bought Slack for more than $27 billion last year because it recognized it c

Calixa snags $12M Series A to build sales tool for product-led companies

Calixa, the early-stage startup that is building a tool specifically tuned for product-led sales cycles, announced a $12 million Series A today led by Kleiner Perkins with participation from new inves taps $32M to make the process of B2B sales more intelligent

To date, the company has over 9,000 paying customers, has tripled revenue in the past 12 months and maintained profitability for more than 18 months.

Crossbeam lands $76M Series C as network effect fuels partner cloud growth

Crossbeam founder and CEO Bob Moore founded his startup to help companies building sales partnerships understand their overlapping accounts, using a process called account mapping. He knew that eventu

ZoomInfo drops $575M on as AI shakes up the sales market

ZoomInfo announced this morning it intends to acquire conversational sales intelligence tool for $575 million. Shares of ZoomInfo are unchanged in premarket trading following the news, per Y

Hub, a productivity platform for technical sales professionals, launches with $1M in funding

Hub, a productivity platform for technical pre-sales, has formally launched with $1 million in seed funding. CEO Freddy Mangum and CTO Karl Gainey founded Hub in 2020. The pair both had experience in

Salesforce updates includes sales info overlay for Zoom meetings

The pandemic has clearly had an impact on the way we work, and this is especially true for salespeople. Salesforce introduced a number of updates to Sales Cloud this morning, including Salesforce Meet

Calixa raises $4.25M seed to manage ‘bottom-up’ sales approach

Many companies have turned to self-serve sales, which may encourage people to try freemium or open-source versions of a product. Some percentage of these users may turn into paying customers, and in t

Dooly closes on $20M for AI-based tools to help salespeople with their busywork

Robotic process automation has taken the enterprise world by storm by providing a set of tools for those doing repetitive, volume-based tasks to use software to remove some of that labor to let those

Accord launches B2B sales platform with $6M seed

The founders of Accord, an early-stage startup focused on bringing order to B2B sales, are not your typical engineer founders. Instead, the two brothers, Ross and Ryan Rich, worked as sales reps seein

Scratchpad snags $13M Series A to simplify Salesforce data entry

Scratchpad is an early-stage startup that wants to make it easier for sales people to get information into Salesforce by placing a notation layer on top of it. Today, it announced a $13 million Series
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