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5 must-have board slides for SaaS sales and revenue leaders

If you’re responsible for driving revenue growth at your company, here's how you can make your portion of board meetings as engaging and impactful as possible.

Maybe: iPod shipments down from the previous year

[photopress:ipoddownn.jpg,full,center] Shipments of the iPod could be done this quarter, the first ever such decline. An analyst at Piper Jaffray looked over the NPD numbers from January till now and

Is HD Radio waving or drowning? Depends on who you ask

[photopress:hdhdhdradio.jpg,full,center] The basic problem with HD Radio is that, no matter how crystal clear you make radio sound, it’s still radio. Commercial radio, on the whole, is absolute

First post-Warner HD DVD sales numbers hit hard

[photopress:poorsales.jpg,full,center] Toshiba and Co. may huff and puff about not being dead now, but the first sales numbers in the post-Warner world don’t look good for HD DVD. The week of Ja