Uganda in the spotlight as country’s startups captivate YC, Google

The startup ecosystem in Africa has until now been dominated by Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt (the Big 4), countries that continue to receive the bulk of venture capital and other forms of in

M-KOPA raises $75M as it clocks 2 million customers across four African markets

A 2019 World Bank report says 85% of Africans live on less than $5.50 per day. A large percentage of these adults are unbanked and underbanked; thus, they don’t have access to credit and can’t aff

SafeBoda bets on super app to boost recovery from pandemic slump

Powered by 25,000 motorcycle taxis at the start of 2020, SafeBoda was at its peak, ferrying thousands of pillion passengers in cities across Uganda and Nigeria. And then the COVID pandemic hit, throwi

Google’s Africa Investment Fund makes first investment in Uganda’s SafeBoda

Internet giant Google announced today that it has made the first investment from its Africa Investment Fund in Ugandan super app SafeBoda. The undisclosed investment comes two months after Alphabet CE

Ex-SafeBoda executive Babajide Duroshola joins M-KOPA to lead expansion into Nigeria

On June 18, Babajide Duroshola, ex-country head, SafeBoda Nigeria, stepped down from his role two years after taking the job post-Andela. Less than a month later, the executive has found a new role as

The motorcycle ride-hailing wars in Nigeria and Uganda are SafeBoda’s to lose

On April 16, Uganda-based, two-wheel ride-hailing platform SafeBoda announced that it had completed 1 million rides in Ibadan, a southwestern city in Nigeria. This might not seem spectacular from a gl