• After A Four Year Run, Firefox Is No Longer The Top Browser On TechCrunch — Chrome Is

    After A Four Year Run, Firefox Is No Longer The Top Browser On TechCrunch — Chrome Is

    It has finally happened. It took a little longer than anticipated, but Chrome has now passed Firefox as the browser most often used to visit TechCrunch. For the month of November, Chrome is number one for the first time, edging out Firefox 27.80 percent to 27.67 percent. Back in early September, on Chrome’s second birthday, we noted that Google’s browser had been making huge gains… Read More

  • Biggest Browser Share Gain In October Goes To Chrome

    Browser market share numbers are out for October from Net Applications. Chrome made the biggest gains with a 0.49 percent jump from September to 8.47 percent. Chrome is the third most popular browser after Internet Explorer (59.26 percent) and Firefox (22.82 percent). Both FireFox and IE saw their overall market share positions erode slightly by 0.39 percent and 0.14 percent, respectively. Read More

  • As IE8 Begins To Fall, IE Finally Drops Below 50 Percent Browser Share

    According to the the latest data from the company, last month, September 2010, marked the first time IE fell below the 50 percent share mark in the past decade. Of course, this data only counts what StatCounter collects, but they claim that it’s a huge dataset worldwide — billions of visits from millions of sites. And the trend is clear: two years ago, two-thirds of those people… Read More

  • In The Coming HTML5 Browser Wars, The Markup Should Remain The Same

    In The Coming HTML5 Browser Wars, The Markup Should Remain The Same

    On Monday, Google made a big splash with a customized Arcade Fire video page that showed off all the cool things HTML5 can do, from video, animations and 3D rendering to gorgeous fonts and choreographed windows. It’s all cutting edge stuff as far as what is possible with a Web browser goes, but there is one very big problem. It doesn’t work so great in all browsers, even… Read More

  • Study: Your Browser's Private Browsing Mode May Not Always Be So Private After All

    Your Web browser’s private browsing mode, perhaps not as “private” as you would like to see. A new study, coming out of Stanford University’s Security Lab in the Computer Science Department, says that modern browsers’ private browsing mode may be undermined when visiting certain Web sites or by using certain extensions. Nice. Read More

  • Safari 5.0.1 Lands, Comes With Extensions

    Safari 5.0.1 Lands, Comes With Extensions

    Fresh off the heels of launching a slew of new products yesterday, Apple this morning debuted Safari 5.0.1, switching the flip on Safari Extensions and formally introducing the Safari Extensions Gallery, a directory of available extensions across categories. The company had introduced extensions support in Safari 5 last June, giving developers the opportunity to start creating browser… Read More

  • Internet Explorer Bucks The Trend As Worldwide Usage Grew By 0.57% In June

    Internet Explorer Bucks The Trend As Worldwide Usage Grew By 0.57% In June

    Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is showing early signs of a ‘comeback’, reversing a practically constant slide in browser usage over the past few years for the month of June, according to figures just released by Net Applications. Still the dominant browser in terms of market share any way you slice it, Internet Explorer appears to be reclaiming share at the expense of… Read More

  • StatCounter: Chrome Now Bigger Than Safari In The US, Too

    According to website analytics company StatCounter, Google Chrome has now overtaken Apple’s Safari in the US browser market for the first time on a weekly basis, claiming third place overall. StatCounter, which says it analyzed some 874 million pages viewed on its network of over 3 million websites in the US alone for the week 21 to 27 June 2010, pegs Chrome’s market share at… Read More

  • IE9 Responds To Safari 5 With A Side-By-Side Hardware Acceleration Video

    Yesterday, Apple released the latest version of its web browser, Safari 5. In their release notes, they highlight not only new features, but also the fact that it’s faster than the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. One competitor they didn’t mention was the most-used web browser in the world: Internet Explorer. Today, Microsoft has responded to that. In a post on their… Read More

  • Want Safari Reader functionality in Firefox or Google Chrome? Try Readability (it's quite good).

    Aside from the usual under-the-hood improvements, Safari 5 ships with a new feature called Safari Reader. The concept is simple enough: you’re reading text on a Web site but don’t want to be distracted by terrible page layouts and extraordinarily annoying animated advertisements. You activate Reader, then the browser isolates the text and applies a far more readable formatting to… Read More

  • It's official: Safari 5

    The rumors were true. Apple announced the update to Safari 5 and Apple is ambitious about trumping Chrome and Firefox in the browser wars. Just as reported over the weekend, Safari will gain some major backend updates to add speed and functionality to Apple’s browser juice. Here’s what’s new: Read More