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  • Browser Wars Continue: Apple Claims 11 Million Downloads For New Safari In 3 Days

    Opera may be reinventing the web next week, but in the meantime the browser wars continue to rage on. Apple has come out with a news release claiming its latest browser, Safari 4, has topped 11 million downloads in the first three days of its release. Surprisingly, it also claims over half of those (or 6 million to be specific) were the Windows version of the program. Apple continues to tout… Read More

  • Safari 4 final available today: Now ‘crash resistant’ à la Google Chrome

    And what else did Apple unveil today, hmm? How about the final version of Safari 4! Yup, it should be available to download today at some point. Read More

  • Are you still using Safari 4?

    I just noticed that even after a week I haven’t given up on Safari or even considered going back to Firefox. How has your experience compared? One thing I really enjoy right now is the ability to pull tabs out of the line-up but I could only really like it after I moved the damn tabs under browser bar and off the top. Safari is definitely faster on my Air which has horrible Internet… Read More

  • Gruber on Safari 4: Whoa

    The Internet’s John Gruber posted a long, long piece about Safari 4, noting that the missing progress bar is a huge mistake and that top-tabs are not new and are quite unique and problematic. He notes, as I did, that grabbing the tabs now messes up the concept of “title bars” and “draggable space.” Read More

  • Disable Tabs on Top in the Safari 4 Beta

    Here’s how to disable the Tabs on Top feature in Safari 4. Open Terminal in OS X and type: defaults write DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool NO Read More