Here’s a small way to start building your resistance to Y Combinator rejections

Who loves a good niche? We sure as hell do. And we also love niche products that address those niche problems — especially tech niches. So here we are, with Today in Good Niche Things. This time it

It is finished: I'm iPhone-less

This used to be me. Not the guy in the sweater, but the guy with the bag. But I wasn’t Asian. Nor did I wear a sexy t-shirt/button-down ensemble. This is the saddest day of my adult life. In pre

Anti-energy drink movement makes me sad

When Aerosmith released a chart-topper called Livin’ on the Edge back in 1993, the opening phrase “There’s something wrong in the world today, I don’t know what it is…” sung by Steven Tyle

Sad clown: No cross transmission

So maybe everything isn’t totally rosy in Leopard world. Apple promised we’d be able to sync notes from our iPhones to but it turns out this is impossible. The new has a