• A micro VC firm in Sacramento raises a fast second fund

    A micro VC firm in Sacramento raises a fast second fund

    There may be more VCs per capita in California than anywhere else in the world, but they aren’t paying much attention to what’s happening in and around the state’s capital of Sacramento. That’s both good and bad for what may be the only early-stage venture firm in the area, Moneta Ventures. The outfit — which is technically in Folsom, outside of Sacramento… Read More

  • Bringing Silicon Valley to Sacramento: Why Entrepreneurs Need to Help Rebuild California's IT Systems

    Most people don’t realize this, but Northern California actually has two giant technology centers: Silicon Valley and Sacramento. Silicon Valley is the world’s entrepreneurship capital and Sacramento is California’s State capital. They are less than 100 miles away from each other.  But technologically, they’re light years apart. While Silicon Valley’s workers… Read More

  • Apple Fined Over Air Quality Violation

    Apple is no stranger to fines and lawsuits, but the latest is a bit out of left-field. Back in April of 2006, Apple’s Elk Grove facility was using their backup generator for non-emergency use. Not just for a few hours mind you, but almost a whole week. As a result, Jobs & Co. will cough up $43,200 in fines as part of a settlement between Apple and the Sacramento Metropolitan Air… Read More