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The Sacramento Kings just unveiled their new jerseys in VR

Even though they're still in Oakland, the Golden State Warriors have essentially become the de facto NBA team of Silicon Valley. But it won't stay that way for long, at least if the Sacramento Kings h

The Sacramento Kings just held the NBA’s first startup pitch competition

At a game on Tuesday night, the Sacramento Kings held the National Basketball League’s first ever pitch competition. Four local companies (narrowed down from 32 semi-finalists and about 100 a

More Than A Dozen Startups Pledge To Cover Breast Cancer Testing Costs Through Color Genomics

Color Genomics, a genetic testing startup from a few early Twitter veterans, is using its deep ties within the startup community to get more than a dozen startups and venture firms to cover half the c

Sacramento Kings Fans Can Now Buy Tickets And Merchandise With Bitcoin Via BitPay

Another step for Bitcoin entering mainstream commerce and consciousness. The <a target="_blank" href="">Sacramento Kings</a> basketball team has started to let fans pay for ti