SCD-XE800: Sony presents new SACD player

<img src="" /> The <a href="">Super Audio CD</a> (SACD) format may never have ente

SACD still kick'n, new player coming from Pioneer

<img src="">The optical music market is still alive, folks. Pioneer is releasing a new high-end player for your listening

Pioneer still knows how to kick it, makes new SACD player

Talk about a minimalist design. The new Pioneer PD-D9 is a beautiful-looking SACD player that can play all your favorite SACDs like Frampton and The Police with ease, along with MP3 and WMA CDs, regul

Sony's XAV-W1 SACD Player: In-Car 5.1 Sound

Outside of a niche of audiophile snobs, Super Audio CD is relatively obscure. Even though few people know about the format and even fewer actively use it, Sony will roll out the XAV-W1, its first in-c

Kenwood Introduces Two Standalone SACD Players

Though SACD isn’t the most popular format, it certainly has its fans. And that’s pretty much all you need to sell a product. The product and people who want to buy your product – it&

The Case For High-End Audio: The Super Audio CD

I’d say it’s a safe bet to say that most of us listen to music. We all enjoy our favorite artists and like to listen to music in the car, at work, or while just relaxing at home. But some

PS3's SACD Abilities Not So SACD

Much like the current battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD, there was once a struggle for supremacy in the field of high-fidelity audio formats: Super Audio CD vs. DVD-Audio. Actually, “struggle&#8

Marantz SA-7S1 SACD Player

Marantz, makers of many things expensive, has announced the SA-7S1, a super Super Audio CD player. It sports a built-in anti-vibration technology to provide shake free playback of your SACDs and CDs.