• Clerc Odyssey S Watch

    Clearly this Clerc watch has a spacey look. A lot of their more “ambitious” pieces tend to have a style that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie prop bin. This one is actually a bit more down to earth compared to what I have seen in the past. As though Clerc is calming down a bit and realizing the world is looking for more subtle avant garde style cues these days. If you make… Read More

  • Sinn 900 Pilot S Chronograph Watch

    Die Fliegeruhr 900 FLIEGER S! Der große Fliegerchronograph! This new tool watch from German brand Sinn is a handsome looker, and saying “screw you!” (in German) to fashion watches. This pilot style watch is a compliment to similar dive chronograph watches from Sinn. Such as the U1000. While the 900 Pilot is no longer brand spanking new, the 900 Pilot S, which is in black, is new. Read More