• Microsoft Says Rustock Botnet Still Dead, Advertises In Russia To Notify Culprits

    As you may be aware, nearly two months ago Microsoft and federal law enforcement agents cracked down on the infamous Rustock botnet, which was responsible for a lot of the spam you hopefully never receive. This morning, the Redmond software giant posted a status update on its company blog, positing that Rustock is still “dead and decaying”. Microsoft also surprised with the… Read More

  • Rustock Knocked Out, Investigators Look For Its Puppet Masters

    The botnet is dead (enough), but now what? You’l recall that Microsoft, working in conjunction with pretty much every organization on the planet, had managed to lop the head off the Rustock botnet. The world’s attention now turns to finding the people behind the botnet. Leads show that the botnet may have been run by as few as two or three people, so actually tracking these people… Read More

  • Rustock Botnet: Down & Out, Or Merely Down?

    It was like a movie. Microsoft, working with domestic and international police, and with corporations like Phizer, had managed to effectively shut down the Rustock botnet last week. Almost overnight the total volume of spam—that was Rustock’s specialty—collapsed. But is the botnet completely shut down, or does its very nature prevent it from every truly being shut down? Read More