• EA Acquires Shawn Fanning's Rupture, Says The LA Times A Month After We Did

    The LA Times and others are reporting that EA has acquired Shawn Fanning’s social-network-gaming startup Rupture for around $30 million. We reported this deal a month ago. The first sentence of the LA Times story: “Shawn Fanning…has finally earned some money.” The title of our post a month ago: “Shawn Fanning Finally Gets A Real Payday…” They did add… Read More

  • Shawn Fanning Finally Gets A Real Payday: Electronic Arts Buys Rupture For $30 Million

    [Update 8/4/08: The acquisition price subsequently reported by EA is $15 million, not $30 million. But that amount does not include any additional earnout for the founders]. Shawn Fanning, best known for founding Napster, has a new job. He will be working at Electronic Arts, which is about to buy his social-network-gaming startup Rupture for $30 million, according to sources with knowledge… Read More

  • Who Bought Rupture?

    We knew something was up when Shawn Fanning’s startup Rupture, an unlaunched social network around gaming, delayed and delayed their launch. Well, it turns out, say multiple sources, that Rupture was able to do what Parakey pulled off in 2007. Get acquired before launching, that is. We’re shaking trees to find out the buyer and size of the transaction. But Fanning, who founded… Read More

  • Social Network for Gamers, UGAME, Enters Private Beta

    The prospect of founding a successful generic social network these days might be bleak given the dominance of players like MySpace and Facebook. However, there’s still plenty of room for niche social networks to rise and generate lots of participation. UGAME, which enters closed private beta this week, wants eventually to be the leading social network for gamers. The site will start off as… Read More

  • AOL Finds An Obvious Use For A World Of Warcraft Social Network

    The domain name has laid dormant since at least 1998, when it was acquired by AOL along with other assets of Compuserve. The domain has been coveted by a number of AOL business units over the years, though. At one point there was a discussion of it being used to house the netscape social news assets (they eventually settled on If our source is correct, a decision has… Read More

  • Napster Dude Working On WoW Social Networking Site

    Back when pirating music was in vogue, a guy named Shawn Fanning made a little program called Napster. It enabled P2P file sharing and piracy to skyrocket in less than a year. So after Shawn sold Napster, got some cash, and got sued, he apparently sat down and got really into this game you may have heard of: World of Warcraft. Fanning is now working on a social networking site called… Read More

  • Shawn Fanning's New Social Network Will Comply With WoW

    A representative for Shawn Fanning called TechCrunch today to make it clear that the social networking site that the Napster founder plans to launch next year will indeed be compliant with World of Warcraft’s (WoW) terms of use. BusinessWeek reported that Fanning, the founder of Napster and Snocap, is in the development stages for a new social networking site called Rupture. The site… Read More