• New Xbox 360 bundle incoming? Smaller, 250GB HDD, Project Natal built-in.

    Full credit to Microsoft: it’s still got people paying top-dollar for its nearly five-year-old Xbox 360. It’s gonna need to sweeten the deal, though, to keep people a-buyin’. Like, say, a new bundle? Maybe a bundle with a thinner 360 and built-in Project Natal? Sounds about right. Read More

  • WSJ: Verizon iPhone hitting this summer

    The rumor mill is churning today as news of a CDMA iPhone running on Verizon will be manufactured by Pegatron in China while a whole new AT&T model, made by Foxconn, will also drop in the summer/fall timeframe. the Journal notes that the two new devices will be exactly the same except, obviously, the CDMA version will lack a SIM card. We’ve seen weird leaks of an iPhone 4G… Read More

  • Apple set to release 27-inch LED display, 12-core Mac Pro

    12 cores may sound impressive, but as rumored, it’s likely just two of the latest six-core i7s working in tandem. Actually, now that I think about it, that is pretty impressive. I can’t think of who would need such ridiculous power and multi-threading, but I know my friends in ultra-HD video and effects can’t get enough Hz. I don’t know if programs like After Effects… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Slim on the way?

    Some rumors are swirling regarding a possible “slim” version of the Xbox 360. And why not? The console being sold is the same one they were selling… wow, is it more than four years ago now? Of course, the ones they sell now run a little cooler, and don’t have an enormous failure rate, so there’s that. And with the pressure on from the PS3 Slim and… well, a… Read More

  • The Nintendo DS2 is coming! The Nintendo DS2 is coming!

    So here’s a quick rundown on what’s going on with the new Nintendo DS, tentatively called the DS2 but, knowing Nintendo, they’ll probably call it the WiiDSBoard2Screen or something. The first improvement is an almost bezel-less set of two screens, so close together that they can act as one. It will also have an accelerometer and the dev kit is out and folks are currently… Read More

  • Acer looking to launch super thin laptop with ‘touch keyboard’ this year?

    Touchscreen keyboard sentiment can be divided into two camps: those who don’t mind it and those who can’t do without a physical keyboard. If you’re part of the first camp, you may be excited to hear that Acer might just be working on a notebook so thin that it uses a frameless screen and touch keyboard, according to DigiTimes. Read More

  • Nikon teasing an EVIL camera?

    To Canon shooters, all Nikon cameras are evil. But none are truly EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens). That may change soon, if the current tease campaign underway in France is any indication. These little cards, counting down to March 5th if we assume one per business day — coincidentally, Nikon has scheduled a press conference in the UK for that very day! So far, the… Read More

  • Rumors a-swirling: Canon to put out revised 1D, L lenses next week?

    Canon appears to have an actual sieve in charge of holding their secrets, since not a day goes by that I don’t hear about this or that new patent or camera just around the corner. Maybe it’s just their canny marketing division seeding leak sites, and if so, bravo. But to business: if you are a millionaire, this is probably a post for you, since everything involved is high-end. I… Read More

  • Android updates fly off the shelves; Motorola CLIQ up next in March?

    Android updates appear to be getting thrown left and right recently, so it doesn’t surprise me that the Motorola CLIQ may be due for a tune-up. According to Boy Genius Report, the CLIQ will be getting Android 2.1 OS sometime in March. Perhaps it’s not soon enough for those CLIQ owners who are turning a little green watching as DROID and Nexus One owners enjoy the latest and greatest. Read More

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