• WhereMark Launches Location-Based Service, A Cautionary Tale

    Okay, here’s the deal, if you are a startup unveiling a location-based service in a market saturated with location-based services please tell us what is unique about you vs. the 800 or so other services out there and please please whatever you do don’t copy the pitch, which we liked the first time around. WhereMark “We are writing to you in an awkward state of… Read More

  • How To Get Our Attention, A Case Study

    How To Get Our Attention, A Case Study

    Many a post has come before this one on the special adventure that is pitching TechCrunch. And while most of our writers have their own personal preferences (Please don’t call my cell before 7 a.m. unless you’re Google, and you’re buying Twitter. And you’ve made breakfast in bed.) there’s definitely a right and wrong way to ping tips@techcrunch if you’re… Read More

  • Rule Your Work Productivity With

    It’s takes a certain type of person to get excited about a work productivity tool. Mark Nielsen and Patrick Carmitchel, unsatisfied with 37Signals‘ Basecamp, have decided to disrupt the productivity software industry, says Nielsen “We decided we’d rather not see the light of day for awhile than have to live with knowing that with just a little bit of creative, a pinch… Read More