rugged notebooks

  • Video: Durabook D15TS review (spoiler: it fails)

    Durabook sent over one of their semi-rugged notebooks for testing and we had a whole series of test planned. However, the notebook failed the first and most basic test: a 2 foot drop. We initially planned to let a group of toddlers play with it, and even run it over with a Suzuki GSXR 600 sport bike. The fun stopped with the drop though. Thankfully, we got it on video, which is after the… Read More

  • Twinhead Durabook Rugged Notebooks

    As a person who is admittedly more than a little clumsy, I’ve always been intrigued by these rugged notebooks. I’ve tripped over the power cord of my Powerbook, sending it sailing across the room more times than I can count (the thing is dented to hell now). It performs noticeably less than adequate now as a result. Twinhead Corporation is releasing two notebooks that could… Read More