• After Laying Off 60 People, RueLaLa Raises $22 Million

    After Laying Off 60 People, RueLaLa Raises $22 Million

    Members-only shopping site RueLaLa, a former subsidiary of GSI Commerce (before the eBay acquisition) just cut roughly 60 positions from its workforce of 550 employees, but an SEC filing published yesterday afternoon reveals that the flash sales company also recently completed a $22 million financing round. UPDATE: The company has informed us that the funding is not new. The SEC filing shows… Read More

  • Why Media Companies Should Become More Like Merchants

    Editor’s note: Should media sites become group buying sites as well? Guest author Dave Chase thinks so. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Internet it is that if a middleman doesn’t add enough value, their days are numbered. Media companies may not have thought of themselves as middlemen—but that’s what they have been for marketers. When I used to… Read More