• 180 Apps Launch At Rails Rumble 2010: Our Five Favorites

    Astute readers may have noticed a common thread between some of the apps that have been appearing on TechCrunch this past week – namely, that they were built in 48 hours. It’s not just a coincidence: those apps were just two out of nearly 200 that were built in 48 hours this past weekend during the fourth edition of the Rails Rumble coding competition. Each team of up to four… Read More

  • GitHub Hits One Million Hosted Projects

    GitHub, the source code hosting and collaboration service, has hit a major milestone tonight: the site is now hosting one million projects, confirmed Scott Chacon, VP of Research and Development at GitHub. Approximately 60 percent of these projects are full repositories – that is, shared folders with code spread across multiple files – while the remaining 40 percent are… Read More

  • RubyOnRails XSS Vulnerability Claims Twitter, Basecamp And My Confidence

    It was only three days ago that I wrote about the almost hopeless challenge of web security, specifically around new vectors with cross-site scripting attacks. Today came news that an XSS vulnerability had been found in the RubyOnRails development framework – and that applications built on the framework, such as Twitter and Basecamp, were vulnerable to XSS attacks. The vulnerability… Read More

  • Rails Rumble 2009 – Vote For Your Favorite App

    Ruby on Rails is well-known for being a powerful tool to help developers quickly turn ideas into working code. Rails Rumble harnesses that power and drives it to its only logical conclusion: a 48-hour programming competition pitting more than 200 teams of coders against one another for some pretty serious prizes. Each team of up to four people is provided with exactly the same thing: a… Read More

  • Domain Derailed By Hacker? (Updated: It Was Just Parked)

    Oops, something went wrong. Looks like a hacker somehow got hold of the domain name and slapped a page filled with ads on it. It looks the former owners are aware of the issue and have already started the process to get the domain name back, so this doesn’t appear to be a simple case of forgetting to renew the domain. (Update: as others have pointed out, it probably is… Read More

  • 131 Rails Apps Launched This Past Weekend; You Get To Vote For The Best

    The 2008 Rails Rumble, a competition for Ruby on Rails coders, saw 131 web applications launch into the wild this past weekend. The quality of the applications increased dramatically this year, turning the competition into something of a startup hyper-incubator, with the goal of producing apps that not only win votes but become sustained products. The rules are simple: you, along with up to… Read More

  • Engine Yard Aims For Java With RubyOnRails Platform – Raises $15M Series B

    Engine Yard, a managed hosting services provider for RubyOnRails applications, announced today that they closed a $15M Series B round of financing from NEA, Amazon and Benchmark Capital. The company had previously raised $3.5M from Benchmark back in January of this year – so only 7 months ago. In that time, the company has grown to 80 employees across four continents with servers across… Read More